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Artists located Anywhere.

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Who we are:

TENDO Games is a indie company currently developing the video game, Them & Us.

What we do:

Game Title: Them & Us
Genre: Survival horror zombie games.
Gameplay: Singleplayer (co-op later, but it will not include storyline)
Type: Third person view
Controller: full support
Platform: Pc, for now
Engine: UDK

What we are looking for?

hi everyone, we just place our main character in the game. We have the character rigged and done a few basic animations, like run, walk, idle.
We need a professional animator that can create more animations. You can also test the animations ingame if needed.

1. In depth experience about Maya, 3d studio max, animation experience.
2. At least 2 years experience of 3d animation.
3. If you know also how to rig it will be a plus but is not required for this position.

What we need:

1. Serious people to work with, developers exited to work for Them & Us game, candidates that likes to create games and like games. All the people we are working with, are people dedicated to the game we are making.

2. Experienced artists, to create high quality assets, and a great game. Candidates should expect to take a small offsite test to see the dedication and skills.

3. Individuals dedicated to the project, we ask you to be able to put at least 10 hours of work effort in a week, that will be like 2h a day to be able to progress with the work of the game we are doing.

Is this a paid job?

Just to avoid any miss-understandings we'll mention again that the team and the game we are working at is based on royalty, every staff member is going to be paid according to all the work he/she done as soon the game "will be ready and sold".

To Apply

Please check us out here: and if you are interested working with us please send a message here:

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