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Fellow dreamer,

We are searching for an artist to work closely with the development of an untitled RPG. 2D and/or 3D skills are welcome as many decisions as to the overall direction of the project are still being examined.

We need someone who can work with both abstract and concrete ideas, transporting them from the nebulous void of cerebral thought to the physical world through visual art. You will be our medium to concrete reality; taking the reins of the art direction of the game, it will be your talent and the results of our cooperative efforts that will shape a critical component of the ethos of the world and experience we’re forging.

Any level of experience is welcome, but please note that the project cannot guarantee monetary compensation for the time being. We will be operating with extreme transparency and respect for all creative work and dedication; every decision is being made to honor the work created and the time invested. More details as to future business plans for the project will be discussed during the interview phase.
We are in an embryonic stage right now. Anything is possible, both in terms of what this game will be and in terms of the future we’re trying to build.

If you are interested and know you are the right person for this position, please reach out to us at thereisnospoon1029 [at] with any examples of your abilities and the answer to the following question:

Have you played Final Fantasy VII, VIII or IX? If so, name one aspect from one of these games that you loved. Name another you hated.
If you have not played any of these games, it is imperative that you do so during the course of development.

We are open to a variety of software platforms, but experience with any of the following is a plus:

- Photoshop
- Illustrator
- Blender
- Unreal Engine 4
- Unity
- GameMaker

To Apply

HIT US UP @ thereisnospoon1029 [at] gmail [dot] com


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