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Looking for a 2d, top down, shooter artist/animator. Someone who would be willing to draw space ships, lasers, explosions, particle effects, and maybe some random items here and there. Various enemy types must be drawn. I want everything to have a slight animation even if it's an idle animation. I may need some simple backgrounds drawn, but It wont be anything insane. The scale of the art will vary. The game's being made in 1080p, but most items will be small and probably faster to draw. I'll need some menu elements and or GUI drawn as well.

We've got 2 people in on this project so far, and we're needing an artist next. It's for a mobile game, so not as big of a project if it was for PC. Production may be slow as well, because the people working on it have everyday jobs and such. So don't expect instant replies. If you're alright with the situation and want to help out, just email me and send me some of what you've done. I'll give you more details on what more I need drawn once we get started.

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