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Hello There Guys!

I am the programmer of the team.

We are currently recruiting a Game Artist/ Game Designer where he/she will design the game.

So this is the first page of our game project proposal. In here are some of the details of the game that me and my members have planned.

Game Project Proposal

Game Title: The Chronicles of Avalea
Group Title/ Circle: (Undecided)

Game Engine: Adobe Animate CC 2017 – AS3 will be the prorgramming used.
Game Programmer: Aid
Game Story Designer: Nishi
Game Editor: Jimmy and Dexter
Game Artist/Animator: Finding...
Voice Characters: (Still planning on who and will beta test some scenes with my voice)

Sound Effects: (Find more links available online with no license, and good to use for commercial purposes)
Music Background: (Find more links available online with no license, and good to use for commercial purposes)

Target Platforms:
• Windows – (Windows xp, vista, 7, 8, and 10)
• Linux – (Ubuntu, and try to other operating system available) // NOT SRE
• Mac – (?, Don’t know much about Mac, will do research and will try to test it to mac users)
• IOS – (Probably IOS 7 and above)
• Android – (Android 4.2 and above) - Jellybean and above

Game Length: Unknown, More than 5 hours

Game Genre: 2d, Adventure, Action, RPG, Story Rich, Single Player, Light Novel, Fantasy, Medieval Age, Bullet Hell, Indie, and more.

Game Minimum System Requirements:
• CPU: Intel Core i3 (2.0 GHz+) or better
• RAM: 2gb or more
• Available Space: 4gb or more

Estimated Time Project: 6 months (more or less) Depends on worktime, probably will shorten after classes (Summer break)

Target Online Shops to sell game:
• MAIN PRIORITY! = STEAM –(Steam Greenlight before going to the real Steam because players will play and will comment as well if this game is worth it or passed to be in STEAM) So make sure that this game will pass. Try this first before selling it to other online stores.
• GOG Games
• Itch.Io
• Gamejolt
• Green Man Gaming
• Desura
• Amazon

Possible Project Price: Unknown (Well it depends on the gameplay and stuffs like efforts, but I will make sure that this is worth it)
This game will be available for ages 9+.
Game will be similar to :

Game Story
• Please Contact us if you want the full story of the game. (
• The story is almost finished but there may be some additions and changes that may happen during the creation of the game and it also depends to our story designer.
• There is already a story flow chart created in a pdf format as well as dialogues for the characters created by our story designer.

Introduction of the story:
-In the land where two worlds never meet, where trees were ever changing and where the world was full of magnificence stood the Land of Avalea. It was a place filled with beauty and harmony.

So this is the least information that I can say about the game.
I hope that we can find an artist for the game :)
Thank you.

To Apply

Please Contact us at for more details about the game. Other information will be also acknowledged in our email. Thank you

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