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Hello! Before we get started, you may need an undying love for one or both of the following; classic Nickelodeon cartoons (Rocko's Modern Life/Rugrats) and classic point and click adventure games (Day of the Tentacle/Pajama Sam/Monkey Island). You also probably have to enjoy drawing 2D landscapes but those are the styles.

We plan to make a game borrowing a lot of inspiration from those in terms of humor, patterns, music, and most importantly art style. We are a small company starting up hopefully by December and plan to launch a Kickstarter for the game around that time as well. So for the short-term, finances are very bare bones but once Kickstarter works out and then eventually launch, financial compensation and obviously credit will be given. The plot is basically a millennial, stoner gets sucked into a VHS tape and finds the original creator/animator is also stuck inside. With the
help of a sarcastic sidekick and a plethora of wacky characters, he navigates the strange world in an attempt to return to his mundane, yet comfortable life.

Currently, the plot, characters, music, game engine know how, textures, and puzzles are around a 75% completion overall. We just currently have next to no character art, and nothing is plugged in to be created yet. So we are searching for artists in both background design and character, but mostly in backgrounds. A few pictures are included for what we wanna shoot for in terms of style and also layout in terms of how you will move around, etc.
Feel free to shoot me some of your work and let's have a talk about what we can do! I have a lot of these places roughly laid out in my head for guidance but am very open to any interpretation to get them figured out.

Thanks so much for your time and I hope we can make something excellent together!

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