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Hello there! My name is Peter, and i'm currently working on a 2D side-scrolling platformer game in Unity, called "The Mechanist"

And i'm looking for a 2D Artist. Your responsibilities will be as follows:

  • Creating tile sprites with the correct perspective
  • Creating character sprites, with multiple "frames" that can later be used to animate the character (see below for more info on this)
  • Creating UI sprites that will be used for menus

Animation Info

Currently it's very likely that the animation in the game will consist of multiple "frames", or sprites, of a single "object"; Which would require you, as an artist, to create a spritesheet containing all the animation states of an object. However, this might change to use a skeleton animation system instead, which would mean you would have to create a single sprite, and split all body parts of that sprite (entity) into separate layers (say in photoshop), I'll make the final decision on this very soon.

You need at least a medium level experience creating 2D art, since the game depends on 2D entirely.

You, as the artist, will have most of the creative control for the sprites, however i have a basic design in mind.

The timeline for the project isn't determined, I'll be working on the project for a couple of months. The art will be requested on an "as needed" basis.

To Apply

Send some previous work, or preferably a portfolio to:

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