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Hi Everyone High Top Studios here!

High Top is looking for a 2D Artist/Animator. We currently have a our first project underway and all we need is an artist to take the project to the next level! (We don't have a running title for the game yet, just a project name that we are using internally)

Without going into too much detail, the game is a bullet hell set in the future with a unique combat system that we feel will bring a fresh feel to the genre. We already have the story set up and our characters and environments planned out. We just need someone to bring it all to life!

As for payment, it's Rev-Share. This is the first project so everyone is Rev-Share. If you have a fixed price, we can discuss, but Rev-Share is the main model. The percentage will be discussed in private and a contract will be written up to protect the artist and ensure that payment is distributed in the agreed upon percent. I know that a lot of "Rev-Share" models are unreliable, but we are over a year in development and we already have the base game coded and the story written so we are looking to announce soon. Hopefully this makes the Rev-Share payment more of a reality for those who are skeptical.

I know that this post is very general and that is to protect the main ideas for the game so please email me for more details if you are interested in helping us complete our project!

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