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An indie space browser-based MMO strategy game, Magnetar3, is released to the public.

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An indie space browser-based MMO strategy game, Magnetar3, is released to the public for the first time. It's a web game, completely free and open-source.

One can understand player's frustration with other players being able to buy various bonuses with real money. Therefore, Magnetar3 has no such thing as premium accounts and will avoid to have anything similar in the future.

The game itself is inspired by OGame, so there are many similarities between the two. The dark matter resource, which in Magnetar3 is called Dark Energy, is kept ingame, however, it isn't buyable anymore (through real money). :-)

There are also some minor differences, and as the 2Moons engine is fan-made and fan-supported one, it may lack some of current OGame features. Hopefully, the development of Magnetar3 will fill the gap by introducing new features that are different from what you are used to see in OGame.

Screenshots below. :-)

Alliance & chat Building list
Fleet & shipyard Galaxy view
Empire statistics Main overview screen

Concluding, the game should be improved in coming days, and the initial artwork of 2Moons engine replaced by iQew's awesome concept art (i.e. buildings, ASO). So hopefully, this release is just a beginning and something to base upon upcoming updates.

The first server Uni1 parameters:
Overall speed: x10
Homeplanet fields: 500
Base alloy production: 1000
Base crystal production: 500
Base deuterium production: 200
Newbie protection points: 10000

Available game languages: German, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, English.

The game address:

Best luck to all players!

PS And you know, inviting your friends without pushing/bothering them can be a nice idea - there's no fun if servers are totally empty. So anyone interested in premium-account-free browser-based sci-fi MMO RTS should be invited!

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game address

Never seen something like this on ModDB, but might check it out.

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feillyne AuthorSubscriber

I agree with the point being made - it's a rip-off.

The only differences are names, graphics, some buildings & techs, and a different - independent - management (i.e. admins) of the game.

It's still in development. Actually, started modifying 2Moons engine/game a couple of days ago, for two previous days intensely. :-) Still don't know much about its coding style (most of game mechanics seems to be coded in jQuery/JavaScript and OOP PHP), but once the ropes are known, there will be a couple of different features. ;-)

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well, I didn't wanted to sound mean or anything, and I'm sure the future updates will greatly improve the game, but my point is, the game organization is almost identical. Take the Ressource window for example, or the one with the Technologies. In the future I hope seeing more custom content (which you already included and it makes the game stand out differently, such as the game chat (which no one seems to use for the moment) etc...).

EDIT: just read your edited comment, good to see that you are planning of future features, as of now, I better go get my lvl 6 alloy mine xD

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feillyne AuthorSubscriber

No harm done at all. ;-) I knew that your criticism could sound mean, but I didn't take it that way. ;-)

So your suggestions are:
+ a new resource list layout
+ a new technology list layout

Also planning to change the planet layout system. We'll see. :-)

Thanks for your input. And please, you can note that I've taken already made engine that feature that alliance chat, so the credit for this one goes to the engine/modification author entirely. ;-)

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feillyne AuthorSubscriber

Some changes introduced. First, the newbie protection doesn't protect you from attacks - anybody who has 10 points can attack a player below 2 points (as long as he has 2,000 points).

The newbie protection points: 2,000


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no one is barely attacking now because everyone got some defences set up xD...
Looks like we need some Interplanetary missile wipe out, mwuhahaha

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