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Yo dog, we heard you like Grim Dark so we put more Grim Dark in your Grimm Dark while you Grim Dark.

Don't forgot to view the full picture.

It makes me disappointed that you can't actually play as 30k Tallarn in game. That would be more nasty to play against than the Horus Heresy version of the Ravenwing.

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"On a poor Iron Warrior"
Yeah no, no matter how brutal the weapon nothing can really make me feel sympathy for the fate of traitors and heretics. Especially if they're from the same legion that would go on to create the Daemonculaba...

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not all of the IV Legion were complete bastards - Kalkator's Great Company, for example, still maintained some of their honor during the War of the Beast, even if they did shell their own auxiliaries to kill a couple ten thousand greenskins.

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To add to the picture and description: Phosphex is the sort of weird stuff that burns with a cold, pale green or blue flame. it goes through rock, concrete and the hardest synthetic armor alloys. it burns without oxygen or a fuel source, only exposure to vacuum, like that of space, can put it out. its flames are attracted to movement somehow - i'd guess it has something to do with extreme sensitivity to air current - so you can't run away from it, it'll just catch you faster. even after it's burned everything there is to burn, it lingers and taints the soil worse than radioactive fallout.

During the Shadow Crusade the Ultramarines Legion used an orbital Phosphex barrage to kill one of their own worlds to deny it to Word Bearer invaders. The Word Bearers, the blindly fanatic amoral sickos we all love and hate, didn't think anyone could ever resort to such unbelievably destructive and desperate measures. The whole planet was pretty much scorched to the bedrock, and Captain Sor Talgron of the Word Bearers, who was caught in the Phosphex strike's blast wave during his escape, was injured so badly he had to be given the Darth Vader Surgical Reconstruction Treatment to get him back on his feet. He was wearing full armor at the time and his Terminator escort was burned alive.

Don't mess with Phosphex, use napalm or white phosphorus instead - they're much less cruel and painful ways to die.

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Effects of "Phosphex" on a poor Iron Warrior

just wanted to put this to let everybody know there is something worse then exterminatus for use, even the Death Guard would wince at using this.

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