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Welcome. This was the historic that happened a little while after the Yuuzhan Vong War. Enjoy and if someone would insert images or the TNE/TNEL symbol then that would be appreciated

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Hello. I am historian Johnyboy1 and I would like to document the TNE/GA war before it is burried. This is good from me because I was the leader of the TNE.

The New Empire/ Galactic Alliance War
Timeline: .1 AYVW (After Yuuzhan Vong War)

Factions: The New Empire, The Galactic Alliance

Major Battles: 2nd Battle of Fondor, Escape of Johnyboy1 from the GA, The Betrayal of Kamikaze Sniper, The Cosair Campaign (Multiple battles) *Note that some may be added later into the article and most of these battles are not documented*

Outcome: Galactic Alliance Victory, Tharnis captures most of TNE, formation of TNEL

Veterans: Johnyboy1: Emperor of TNE and TNEL
Ten10dix: Chancellor of GA
AK151: Fleet commander GA
Jesterzx9: Fleet Commander GA
Ghost59: Emperors Hand TNE
Kamikazesniper: Traitors of the century; worked with TNE and GA
Tharnis: Traitors of the Century; Final Emperor of TNE
Dreadnaught93: Traitors of the Century; Worked with TNE and GA
Joleebindo54: Emperor's fist and was responsible for the destruction caused by The Cosair TNE

*Note to please tell me if you participated if I did not include you*

*Another note that a Summary will be done as soon as I pull out some of the Historic Text from TNE history*

Previous Conflict: Yuuzhan Vong War-----------------Next Conflict: Fall of The Old Republic, Fall of the Galactic Alliance, The Golden Age of the Sith


Um yah forgot me. Emperors fist if I recall.

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Set_Tainer Author

Oh yea thanks for reminding me

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Ah yes, the betrayal and defeat of TNE. Probably one of my proudest moments yet.

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good times... gooood times :P

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pls stop making these small pathetic articles >XD

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Lol, "Tharnis" took the TNE away from you with your own damn approval thanks to a vote rofl. "Tharnis" didn`t capture anything xD.

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Set_Tainer Author

"Tharnis" revealed that he was the traitor

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