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How to Mod the Neighbour starting with my NeighborModKit. Really easy!

Posted by on - Basic Starting a mod

Get NeighborModKit HERE!


01   ObenEditor

1 - Download for the first time the editor from the Epic Launcher, you can find it to the bottom of the Market Section.

After yor first download it will be added to your library tab.

Go to your editor "Mods" folder ( .../HelloNeighborModKit/HelloNeighbor/Mods) and paste the NeighborModKit

01   ObenEditorbis

02   ObenPlugins

2 - Settings->Plugins to open the Plugins Window

03   CheckPlugins

3 - Check if my starterkit is enabled

04   ModifyPlugins

4 - You can modify the plugin information if you want, these informations will appear on the Modding menu of the game

05   ObenNMK

5 - Now locate the new plugin folder, if you can't find it just click on the little eye on the bottom right of the content browser (View Options) and select "Show Plugin Content"

06   NewChild

6 - "Neighbour_Default" is the master character, that means every new neighbor must be child of that class.

To create a new child just right click on the Neighbor_Default blueprint and click on "Create Child Blueprint Class" or just copy-paste one of the presets.

07   YourNeighbor

7 - Once you created the new child blueprint name and open it

08   VariablesNeighbor

8 - Here you can modify the neighbor. I added some few options and I'll work to add new features in the future. Right now you can set how long the neighbor can see, time before the neigbor change his state from "Hunt" to "Idle" (worried / chill) and materials. You can also modify advaced options created by TinyBuild

09   VariablesMaterial

10   ExampleMaterials

11   MaterialsFolder

9 - If you want to create new materials i prepared some presets you can follow. They are really simple to modify!

12   MaterialsParam

10 - You can change textures and settings

13   MaterialsMasters

11 - You can also deeply modify them by changing the masters properties or creating a new material if you know how to handle UE4 materials.

14   SkeletalsInfo

12 - You can also modify the skeletal mesh with an external program like blender but you need advanced skills. To import a new model it'll need to have the same skeletal structure of the original neighbor!

You can find more info from the tutorial "ImportNewModel" inside the modkit


15   TestMap

I prepared a test map where you can test your new neighbor. You just need to select the correct neighbor from his spawn actor and hit play.

16   TestNewNeigh

You can multiply time speed by 1x, 5x and 10x.

17   Screen

18   Screen

19   Screen

20   Screen

21   Screen


22   Pack

1 - Once your neighbor is ready you can package your mod, this process will pack your content into a single .pak file.

You'll need to package your project before publish it on the Steam Workshop!

23   Wait

2 - Just wait, it can take several time depending on mod complexity and your PC specs

24   Exported

3 - Your mod will be saved in /HelloNeighborModKit/HelloNeighbor/Saved/ModPackage

25   CopyToMods

4 - If you wanna test it before publishing just copy its folder inside /steamapps/common/HelloNeighbor/Mods.

If you can't find "Mods" folder just create it!

You can also share this folder here on ModDB so people can manually install it instead of using Steam Workshop.

26   SelectNeighbor

27   Screen

28   Screen

29   Screen

30   Screen

31   Screen

32   SubmintSteam

5 - Once you have packaged your mod you can submit it to Steam Workshop.

33   SteamImage

6 - Select a preview image (size <1Mb)

34   SteamWait

7 - Wait!

35   SteamWorkshop

8 - Check your workshop content page

36   SteamModifyWorkshop

9 - Add / Modify / Delete your content directly on Steam!


Thanks for your stuff! Very useful information!

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Great instruction! Everything worked out! Thank you very much friend!

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I am packing I get Package Failed Error

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