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The 45th Presidents inaugural speech.
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Mike Pence Author
Mike Pence

I'll admit, I enjoyed his inaugural speech far more than I did any other president before him. And the way he came right out about his faith and said "God" would be protecting this nation most of all aside from our military...

I'm serious, I actually have the desire to listen to his speech over and over again. Something I never felt with Obama. The man has a gift, a oratorical gift.

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He speaks from the heart, which Obama couldn't do. Obama was too focused on pushing a narrative, and so he forgot what it meant to be the ruler of America, a nation "of the people, by the people".

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As one could guess after a presidential campaign built on rhetoric against the establishment. Donald Trump, upon being inaugurated the 45th president of the United States, has declared a state of war on the political ruling class.

His speech reflected the discontent and anger of the populace toward a government that had forsaken them. The "forgotten men and women" permeated the jest of the 45th Presidents inaugural speech. Talk of a distopian society thanks to a belligerent government. A nation that had lost it's wealth, heart, it's very soul.

There was no words on the former leadership, or any comments of disdain to his predecessor. But rather a all out attack on the entirety of the ruling class in Washington D.C. that Trump perceived, as trying to undermine the American people. Something that would undoubtedly put both sides of the spectrum in D.C. on edge.

The promise that the 45th President has made, is one of returning power to the people. His speech also reflected spiritual faith, something previous presidents had been either too politically correct to bring up or simply left to the side.

It was not a speech of condemnation, it was a speech of empowerment. A call of unity for all citizens too not only take back their country, but take back their government as well. Overall his speech not only reflected a change of focus for the country, but a drastic shift in policy that now put "America" first and foremost. Both in world affairs and domestic policy. He also hinted how he'd take relationships with other countries by respecting that they have their own interests as well. Something only Patriots would grasp.

The question is, could such a promise be kept?


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