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Lots of work has been done since the release of Version 0.6.5 and we are already nearing our next polished version. Check out the update for more information.

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Hello everybody. I apologize for the radio silence since December, I decided to take a break from modding so progression has stood still, somewhat. I also decided to (permanently) delete my Facebook account just before Xmas too, so there has been little to no activity on the Twisted Insurrection Facebook page as a result, however, it is still being updated and maintained by other staff members today so that's no longer a concern.

Today I would like to proudly announce that we are working on a new public update, Version 0.7 which will be ready towards the start of May (assuming we don't hit any unexpected delays). While it will not be as large an update as the 0.5 to 0.6 bridge was, this update will contain a large number of important changes and fixes with enough new content to merit a full release. The change-log thus far is as follows:

Added: New Track: Killing Fields [Frank Klepacki Remix]
Added: New Track: Tibby & Noddy
Added: New Track: In Flames
Added: Applied some new loading screen variants
Added: Logic for supporting custom map previews in Client
Added: Applied a hack that ignores multi-engineer for tech / capturable structures
Added: Applied a hack so that units can no longer gain veterancy from killing friendly units
Added: Applied a hack so that structures and units with Trainable=no no longer gain veterancy from crates
Added: Applied a hack so that aircraft can be repaired on all repair bays instead of just one
Added: Applied a hack to add new EMPImmune flag
Added: New Pebble LAT for Grass terrain
Added: New Dark Grass LAT for Grass terrain
Added: New Multiplayer map: [2] Big Little Lake
Added: New Multiplayer map: [2] Industrial Strength
Added: New Multiplayer map: [2] Siege Rush
Added: New Multiplayer map: [4] Mental Malice
Added: New Multiplayer map: [4] Offense Defense
Added: New Paved Roads Images
Added: New Paved Roads Slopes Images
Added: New Paved Roads Bits Images
Added: New Paved Roads Ends Images
Added: New Paved Roads Corners Images
Added: New Paved Roads Additions Images
Added: New Paved Roads Fix Images
Added: New Paved Roads Bridge Images
Added: New Airstrip Images
Added: New Landing Pads Images
Added: Updated Bridge Sprites to use new roads
Added: New Landing Craft Image
Fixed: Several bugs in the Client code, updated to latest version
Fixed: Removed several redundant tags from units in Rules.ini
Fixed: Air transports can no longer deploy on helipads
Fixed: Players cannot ready themselves with an invalid map anymore
Fixed: Repaired some UI issues with the Client
Fixed: SpriteFont crash when hovering over hosted games no longer happens
Fixed: GDI AI no longer uses the random missing cameo when construction yard is viewed in spectator mode
Fixed: Dawn harvesters no longer have unloading image glitch in Nod Mission 03 and GDI Mission 03 B
Fixed: Unloading harvesters can no longer be acquired via crates (oversight whilst adding new unloading entries in last update)
Fixed: Units no longer get stuck on chain link fence on Nod Mission 08: Zero Gravity
Fixed: Repair Bay uses correct image in abandoned base on Nod Mission 14: Compulsions
Fixed: Nod Incinerators no longer explode violently when Tiberium Resistant Infantry is checked
Fixed: Railgun Commandos no longer move faster whilst under fire
Fixed: Fixed a tiling error under a bridge on [6] Unrepent
Fixed: Changed terraintype on a few terrain tiles
Fixed: Added Trainable=no to several units without weapons
Fixed: Added missing deployment sound to Nod Radar
Fixed: Ban function once again works properly in client CNCNet menu
Fixed: Water wakes no longer show through ships
Fixed: Buildable Props now use BaseNormal=no
Fixed: Numerous AI fixes and changes
----- Rebalanced Hard GDI AI trigger Techlevels to obey used units' Techlevels
----- Rebalanced Hard Nod AI trigger Techlevels to obey used units' Techlevels
----- Rebalanced Medium GDI AI trigger Techlevels to obey used units' Techlevels
----- Rebalanced Medium Nod AI trigger Techlevels to obey used units' Techlevels
----- Rebalanced Easy GDI AI trigger Techlevels to obey used units' Techlevels
----- Rebalanced Easy Nod AI trigger Techlevels to obey used units' Techlevels
----- Fixed issue that several Easy AI triggers used secondary teams
Changed: Client music changed to Necrofunk [Menu Mix]
Changed: Reduced crate effect radius to 3 cells (was 5)
Changed: Increased range of Nod Hornet weaponry by 2
Changed: Re-wrote briefing for Twisted Dawn Nod Mission 05: Warthog Hunt
Changed: Improved opening relay hint triggers on Nod Mission 08: Zero Gravity
Changed: Removed Insignificant=yes from a bunch of units that used it (relic from years ago, no longer necessary)
Changed: CnCNet game list is now sorted
Changed: Venom Walkers are now immune to EMP Effects
Changed: Mammoth Walkers are now immune to EMP Effects
Changed: Talos Walkers are now immune to EMP Effects
Changed: Several mutations are now immune to EMP Effects
Changed: Demolition Drone and Core Reactor explosions effects wider area
Changed: Doomsday Renewed track renamed to Cataclysm

Alongside these changes, we aim to include more significant additions such as many more campaign missions (namely for GloboTech or the Twisted Dawn timeline), improve some older graphics, fix numerous bugs that have been reported, expand upon the soundtrack further and perhaps add some new units. We would also like to include a basic start to a new Snow/Arctic theater, as it has been a heavily requested feature over the many years of our development cycle. We have a good start already, so the groundwork has been laid out.

A big wall of text isn't exciting, I know, so here are a couple of new additions to the Twisted Insurrection OST for you to check out in the mean time. Expanding upon the more "atmospheric" and "twisted" part of our OST.

Thank you everybody for taking the time to read the news post. Once again I apologize profusely for the silence over the course of time, I can appreciate how frustrating it is when work on an update has suddenly just seemingly stopped, but in our case I assure you that hasn't happened, we just took a long break is all. We'll keep you posted on all new updates as they come. Take care!

Obligatory: Twisted Insurrection Will Never Die!

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Hey man, breaks are fine. You've all done a great work, and you deserve to take some time off.

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Damn, I've just started with translation and now I'll have to redo it soon :D

Good to see you back, a detailed snow theater is something I always wanted in TI, can't wait to see your own approach to its design. But speaking of updates, what happened to LKO's Kodiak? January is over, and still no news about this mysterious project.

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Aro Author

The Kodiak was in fact just a promotional mock-up/tribute for Frank Klepacki's upcoming remix (Killing Fields). There are plans to include it in the game in some way or form, but it keeps hitting brick walls and thus it's not a priority.

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Just out of curiosity if it's not too personal what led you to deleting your Facebook account?

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Aro Author

Numerous reasons, primarily that I value my privacy and that Facebook was a huge invasion of it. There is also the case that I used to spend a lot of time on there mindlessly scrolling through my news feed which was often full of nonsense and depressing crap, so I decided just to cut it out altogether and I feel much better as a result of it. The only downside to not having a Facebook profile is that I am now in the dark about a lot of events that are occurring around me such as bands on tour, new festivals, parties etc.

Regardless, since deleting my Facebook account, I have more free time and my feeling of privacy back. It was worth it.

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Valherran Online

Should have made a separate account for gaming connections, that's what I did.

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Aro Author

I'd rather just avoid it altogether, I had considered making a dummy account just for maintaining pages and following certain events, but I enjoy having that extra spot of free time too much.

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Short silence get a big update, good work,man. :)

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Valherran Online

I really hope you fixed that issue with the AI placement in maps, that bug was reallly bad.

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Aro Author

What exactly happens with the bug just out of curiosity? I think I know what you're talking about, but just want to be sure.

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Valherran Online

"If you stack more than 4 AI players in 1 spawn zone, the game will not spawn the rest of the players and the game cannot be completed. Now, when you try to abort mission, the game doesn't abort, it starts a new game with a random amount of AI players with randomized colors. It will continue to do this for eternity until you ctrl+alt+del and close the game via Task Manager. I even had to close the TI Client because it still said a game was in progress and doesn't go away, plus I had to go into my processes and terminate the game that continued to run in the background even after both programs were closed. If I try to set a 2nd cluster of 3 AI while a cluster of 3 is present elsewhere, only one of the AI of that second cluster will spawn into the game. And then the shenanigans explained above happens."

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Wow, just tried that myself and.. that's bizarre. It's a bug in the game engine itself though, so it's unfixable. It also happens only if you place more than 4 AI players on the same spot, so it's not a common issue and easily avoided.

"I even had to close the TI Client because it still said a game was in progress and doesn't go away"

That's because the game process (Game.exe) was still running. If you had terminated Game.exe first, the "game in progress" message in the client would've disappeared.

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That's... amazing xD
Now of course this begs the question of why you would try such a thing in the first place, but this is definitely something that is not supposed to happen. As Rampastring said this is most likely something we cannot fix (sadly).

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Valherran Online

I was testing to see how well the AI could build if they were all in the same place.

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Glad too see you back to work on your project, I wish you the best of luck as you continue and like the others I look forward to the end result, so remember, as Major Sheppard would say "Stay Positive". :D

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"Tibby & Noddy"? That's a rather silly name, in comparison with the rest.

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It's a reference to a little staff joke set in the TI universe, Tibby & Noddy are essentially a Nod propaganda cartoon used to brainwash children.

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Now what is the "Talos walker"? That GT Titan?

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Are you all (staff) working on a way to re-implement selectable start points? That was my favorite options on 0.5.

Any plans on an Arc 2 yet?

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Oh it's still there, you just need to click on a start position number and the drop down will appear.

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ah, didnt know that. when do you all plan on adding campiagns about attacking nod cities?

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There's a mission involving a Nod factory city currently in the works (well planning stages), it'll also act as a unit introduction mission.

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Can anyone tell me how to change the unit/structure images on your sidebar on the original tiberian sun? Example being I have the INI file in my directory and added the cabal core, cabal obelisk, and the obelisk of darkness with a few other things but it doesnt have its own image in the sidebar.

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