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Get a first look at the vast changes made to Twisted Insurrection since the last release in our official changelog here, along with some other news that you may have missed!

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Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I'm aware that it has been relatively silent here on the TI boards and pages, but this is a busy time of year for pretty much everybody, getting back on our feet after the Xmas rush, getting back to work, college, school etc. etc. etc. Despite that however, we have been getting plenty of work done where we can.

(Click to view these images in actual size)

I've been working on several bits and pieces during my busy schedule of working, bill-paying and sleeping (and the occasional eating), currenty have four WIP Multiplayer maps that will be finished pretty soon I hope. Lin Kuei Ominae, the Nod structure artist for Twisted Insurrection has lots of work in progress material (which will be shown publicly once complete), ErastusMercy has been working hard on some new voxels, Q45 is finalizing the GDI and Nod campaign and much more.

(The new GDI WASP A.P.C. Image by ErastusMercy)

The main reason for this post is that I would like to share with you the amount of progress that Public Beta 5 has been through since Public Beta 4's release just over a year ago. Our current changelog has a massive total of 1102 Changes so far, and the number will be increasing ever more as we approach the release of Beta 5 later this year. Since the sheer size of the changelog and the amount of text that it contains, I can't post it here (it seems to break posts by cutting off half of the text), so this is a direct link to the current Twisted Insurrection Beta 5 Changelog.

(Click to view these images in actual size)

Happy reading, ladies and gentelmen, or if you'd rather not read it, the release isn't too far off (month of the release is still to be announced), there are just a few more things that we would like to get done first before we make it public. Finally, once the final Public Beta is out of the way, we can crack on with Twisted Insurrection 1.0. One final thing: If you missed the last Twisted Insurrection Live Stream (The Brotherhood of Nod Spotlight), you can view it at any time here!

Be sure to check out Twisted Insurrection around the web!


wow nice! dont have time to read it all now! i wish it had sections so i could read about new units and changes!

Thanks alot for ur hard work and sharing this beautiful Mod with us for free!

i just have my old request which many other ppl agree, please increase size of scatter pack! his size for such a mech with that weaponry is not cool correctly,
Btw Aro you told me there may be a new playable air unit for GDI, any progress on that? :)

Your Big fan Arsham

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Aro Author

Thanks, we're glad people enjoy it as much (or more) as we do working on it. :)

The changelog Iis separated into three main sections: Coding, Launcher and Executable changes, Image, Art and Sound changes, and finally, Map and Campaign changes. Creating individual sections for every single thing that has been changed would just elongate the log and not really make it any simpler to read. If there is a specific change or unit you are looking for, use CTRL+F.

The lines in the log are arranged only by chronological order, from earliest to the latest. There are a couple of exceptions for this however, like some of the more important information being at the top of the list and similar changes being listed below each other.

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oh thanx for the tip!

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Awesome! I have a feeling once beta 5 is released, it will instantly rise to popularity.Keep the great and hard work!

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I can't wait for this! Looks like best mod on MODDB!

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Twisted Insurrection Public Beta 5

Release date:Coming Soon...

Am I right?

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