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Here we are two weeks later with Music Pack #9. 10 full songs in various genres, all created by the Undertone team. Enjoy!

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Here we are, two weeks later with Music Pack #9.

Just how I made the last Music Pack, they will now consist of 10 songs each.
There's a lot of genre variety in this one, from rock, ambience, to old-school midi. Enjoy!

Music Pack 9 - Mod DB

Included in this music pack are the following:
0:00 Lost Forever - MtM0201
2:14 Opheus's Dying Breath - samGwise
6:10 Pieces of a Memory - rollsballs
10:30 Valhalla Awaits - rollsballs
17:42 Peach Castle - Taxikiller
21:12 The Morning Sun - rollsballs
23:52 Blood... Everywhere - rollsballs
28:12 DOS -Taxikiller
31:20 Spacedock Concept 2 - rollsballs
34:14 Tombstone World Theme - rollsballs

*Please remember individual downloads are of higher quality.

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