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May 28 2013 Anchor

This idea grew out of the comments thread, and is in direct response to the topic discussed here: I've transfered content from the comments thread so forgive me if formatting is a little sloppy:

Kane_wrath May 23 2013, 4:13pm replied:
i agree that she should be able to throw C4 other than that leave her the same but the GDI commando needs his equivelent because right now their basically even.
right now its: nod stealth = gdi jump jets, nod C4 = gdi moderately long laser tageting system, nod laser assault rifle = gdi chain gun. GDI's zone commando isn't that great neither is the black hand commando and if she get's to throw C4 for anti-walker defence the zone commando also needs his own version.
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M0nkfish May 23 2013, 4:44pm replied:
i dont agree that they are basically even, GDI has a massive upperhand when it comes to commando units: the difference is, stealth is easily countered whereas jumpjets are not. GDI commando can be in and out before you know he's there, lots of things detect stealth - base defenses, vehicles, aircraft. Which also brings me to your anti-walker point if GDI commando sees an anti-infantry vehicle coming he can simply jump jet to safety in any direction he chooses so being able to counter them is less essential for him. NOD's commando on the other hand has no option but to remain perfectly still or be shot to pieces, in many cases staying still doesn't even help as a lot of vehicles have stealth detection. So even with the ability to throw C4 i'd still say the GDI commando has the upperhand. frankly i believe he should have a slight advantage over her and i believe thrown C4 doesn't quite level the playing field, so things still operate in his favour.
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Kane_wrath May 23 2013, 7:11pm replied:
ground units can still fire at him while he's using his jump jets (as i've seen him die mid jump many times and it gets quite annoying) and he's exteremly vunerable when he's using his anti-structure laser targeter as he just stands there for a good amount of time longer than it would for other commando units to put C4 on buildings as they are quick units which puts him at a disadvantage. also the black hand commando can kill him quite easily as her weapon it is more powerful.
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M0nkfish May 24 2013, 7:06am replied:
if your looking for an equivalent technology to thrown C4 for countering vehicles then i suggest the same thing i did for the ZTs: a shoulder mounted EMP cannon with enough charge to disable a single vehicle. If anything i'd say this was more effective than thrown C4 as the latter would only damage heavier vehicles whereas the EMP would disable any ground vehicle.
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Kane_wrath May 24 2013, 7:24am replied:
Thats a pretty good idea to me as i does fit GDI and and doesn't make him unfair as he can't do much to vehicles by himself.
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to sumarise, the commando would fire a small EMP burst from his shoulder-cannon, capable of disabling any single ground vehicle for a few seconds (5 maybe) with a similar cool down time to the nod equivalent and should keep things even while making them both more useful.

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