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Poll: Should GDI snipers be able to snipe flmaer's tanks? (24 votes)
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maxcheese3 Knave...
Mar 28 2011 Anchor

It's just an idea, but I think GDI snipers should be able to deal heavy damage to flame tanks by sniping their tanks (I know Tiberium Essence's are concealed, but that is why only a sniper can hit them). It would dish out like 25% damage so it would kill the tank in 4 shots. I think it would make them more useful, because I never really build them except when I'm messing around and spamming Jugs for them to spot for...

Mar 28 2011 Anchor

Not really stupid, but imo that would be too OP.

But, who know, only a small chance to see this happening with Black Hands and Disc Trowers don´t look bad

Mar 31 2011 Anchor

It would be realistic to give a chance to blow flamers' tanks to all the units if they shoot from behind and from flanks and make blowed flamers make damage to nearest units

Apr 1 2011 Anchor

At max you can create some units (maybe for mutants?) called heavy sniper, they use a 35mm armor piercing shotgun able to kill infantry at long distance and can damage badly light vehicles. But I'm afraid they can even replace rocket squads, so we must be careful.


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GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Apr 2 2011 Anchor

umm... it would be good if we were going for realism, which i dont think we will be...


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Apr 8 2011 Anchor

More of to implement the chance of snipers to snipe fuel tanks of vehicles,even from behind, I would give snipers the upgrade to change ammo for..hmm for example for incendiary rounds.these would last few seconds,that will do considerable aoe attack to infantry and vehicles alike from afar.or I would give snipers call for an mini-airstrike upgrade.Or napalm strike. Snipers should also be able to snipe out the garrison.They really cant clear the buildings with one precise shot,but still..

Apr 16 2011 Anchor

If C&C3 engine has something that allowed to destroy one part that cause major effect to the unit without completely destroying it like in starwars EAW or UAW, this would be easily possible. Sadly it isn't. However I think there's still a way, simply by changing the damage vs armor data.

Eg GDI Sniper weapon vs,
infantry armor, extremely effective.
cyborg armor, quite effective.
heroes\commandos, not really effective.
tanks\buildings, worthless.
infantry with fueltanks, front\side, effective. at the back, one shot BOOM!
tanks with expose fueltanks, worthless unless lucky enough to hit fueltanks.

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Apr 17 2011 Anchor

Well the sniper needs a small buff, I mean it can only kill so many infantry units before they catch up and surround those poor guys, I wouldn't mind having sniper do AoE damage if only it was slightly, but its kinda like GDI's old watch tower, its devastating but only at one unit at a time and can be easily overwhelmed.

Jun 17 2011 Anchor

Sounds cool, would make snipers a little more versatile.
I don't know how you'd code the values, but what about an upgrade like "Anti-Materiel Rifles" which gives them just enough firepower to kill, say a Nod Bike or (though this may be OP) Buggy in several shots, and another effect of this is that it can occasionally detonate a flame tank or black hand, though it would do almost no damage to the flame tank otherwise.

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