All of the thanks to goes to Carnius for a great mod, I am thankful that you are kind enough to make this for me and the rest of the CNC community, without caring about any kind of pay or reimbersment. I and, I believe the rest of the CNC community really just want to say, THANKS CARNIUS! and thank you for coming to TEF.

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maxcheese3 Knave...
Nov 22 2011 Anchor

Basically, I think it would be better if all repair drones repair both loand and air, as in RA3, as well as allies drones repair your units, also in RA3. They are both the same thing right, its a repair drone that flys. I think it would be cool and make sense if this was implemented in TE.

Oh, and also on a side note, The reckoner transport in KW can carry 2 units at the same time... so... why can't anything in C&C3, seems like you could just, you know, just swap some code here and there or something, idk. Just sayin.

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Nov 26 2011 Anchor

There's nothing wrong in your words. Universal repair drones are nice, and the Nod has the Scarab APC, maybe 2 slot instead of 1 would be a good idea.


Brotherhood, Unity, Peace.

GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Nov 28 2011 Anchor

Erm... subterranean stealth(who doesn't stealth em) transport that can carry 2 units with fire ports... seems a tad OP to me...

But yah, universal repair drones would be nice.


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Nov 30 2011 Anchor

Carnius wrote: unfortunately 1 squad limit must be applied here too because of cnc3 engine bug that sometimes prevent multiple squads inside transport disembark.

Really stop to complain about that. I´m already sick about it.

Anyway, I liked the reapir drone idea


Dec 1 2011 Anchor

Noone is complaining here, there are only suggestions, if it's not possible, then fine.


Brotherhood, Unity, Peace.

Nov 20 2012 Anchor

Scrin Always the same strategy?

Hi I may have an idea I would really like to implement for you alleerdings I know myself unfortunately not with modding. undzwar is what I have noticed no matter what personality they put the Scrin have really always the same race strategy initially on your opponent and after a certain time the Scrin do nothing. this behavioral pattern I always firmly on brutal ai. what some white on gdi and nod true one probably would be a small adjustment in the AI to TE is not bad if it's not too much work is =)

P.S. I am a German and not so good english sorry

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