All of the thanks to goes to Carnius for a great mod, I am thankful that you are kind enough to make this for me and the rest of the CNC community, without caring about any kind of pay or reimbersment. I and, I believe the rest of the CNC community really just want to say, THANKS CARNIUS! and thank you for coming to TEF.

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Aug 22 2012 Anchor


IM FAN of TE and i love it very very much
i have ideas about Tiberium Essence 1.6 OR original Tiberium Essence 1.5

1- Use other mods like wrath mode or tw advanced to make better MOD for c&c 3
i means that use the effect of mod ( wrath mod ) and use the color of TW and and and ...

2- c&c need to be improved by Graphic mod that create by TE CREATORS

3- Create Building that we can Build them on the water ( just like red alert )
create ships - boats and any thing that Water need it

4- delet the voice of soldiers or create better voice for Sodiers ( when they die )

== ((sry for bad english ))

Thank YOU

Aug 25 2012 Anchor

1 and 2 - i keep improving visual part of my mod over time, but its long process.
Most effects are choice by taste and also im not so keen to copy other mods.

3 - its one of the possible ways this mod can go in 1.6.
I must admit that im really fond of idea to see naval warfare in TE, i will explore this possibility in future.

4 - why? I think they are ok, really.

Smallchange GDI, 101st Airborn Division, Firehawk Pilot
Aug 25 2012 Anchor

1, 2, 4, i see no point in
3, would be totally epic.

Aug 27 2012 Anchor

1, 2 and 4 serves no point at all.

Nr 3 goes against the canon we are following. The seas and waterways were clogged by Tiberium after the First Tiberium War, hence GDIs heavy focus on their dropships launched from space stations.
The one and only reason there are ships in C&C3 is because in EA's version Tiberium changed from a plant/lifeform into just a radioactive crystal.

P.S I hope you dont mind I edit your title to one that makes a bit more sense.

Edited by: TheNodCommander

Smallchange GDI, 101st Airborn Division, Firehawk Pilot
Aug 27 2012 Anchor

Agreed, but, but, sea warfare is so fucking awesome!

Aug 31 2012 Anchor

Thank you all

Tiberium essence
is the best of best mod and no mod can beat it :D so I have some more suggest
for TE 1.6

( this
suggestions is written by CNC FANS – not just me - ) :

Make better effect for explosion

I don’t say to copy explosion from wrath mod I just say get some idea from
these mod

The defense
structures can rank up

ADD Super Power
(it means that we can make two power one of them is normal and one the other is
more powerful than the other )

Harvesters CAN Update that they can gathering more TIBERIUM (ITS VERY

ADD Helicopter TO GDI (like KW)




The original anti air defense is more better than it

ADD This Ability : we can create defense structure on the WALL !!!

ABILITY to Update Flame

Add ability to update the judgments tank ANTI AIR

Scrin IS very very nice team and i just can say thank you

ADD Ability to choose the screen menu wallpaper


ADD NEW side for TE1.6 ( IF it POLL it can be better )

THERE are so MANY transporter for TE if you add more aircraft for any side
is more better

CREATE Building on the SEA is the long story if the creator of TE1.6 accept
to explain about it

Add more unit not just change the original units abilities

IF WE have more Suggestion I Update this tapic


GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Sep 1 2012 Anchor

What I can pull out of that is a few good suggestions, and some that are less than satisfactory.
Things I will agree with would be an advanced power plant, but that idea will likely be shot down on the basis for the power plant upgrades.
A harvester upgrade does sound useful, and I don't think I can actually refute that one, without testing it for balance.
GDI Does need some non ammo aircraft...
Being able to build turrets in the walls would be a great thing to add, but I don't think it's codeable.
And yes Carnius, I want more team colours :)

As to everything else:
Turrets and other defensive structures are just that: Structures. They are a static emplacement meant for one thing: Standing between the enemy, and your base.
Adding a super unit for both Scrin and Nod would be contrary to the teams play styles. Nod is meant for hit and run, whereas Scrin is meant to have air power (which they are sorely lacking)
Carnius already tried flame turrets (or something similar) and found they didn't work to well.
Nod AA is mostly fine. It's biggest problem, is that its a missile defense.
Upgrading flame weapons as a whole makes no sense, due to the chemicals needed. Although maybe upgrading them to tiberium flames would work?
I don't know what a 'judgement tank' is so I'll just leave that one be.
The wallpaper is fine. If you want to change it, there are tutorials for that.
Adding a new faction would, at the time, be a massive waste of time. Lore wise, it would make no sense, as The Fallen practically disbanded after the events of Tiberian Sun, and no other faction is powerful enough to do anything.
As SmallChange said, As fun as navel combat would be, it doesn't fit canon.
Carnius can't add (many) more units. The game only allows for 12 items to be displayed in the interface.


"Before enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water." -zen proverb

Sep 2 2012 Anchor

so you just agree the more color for teams right ? :S

and how about these ideas :

why we can't see the map at the starting the game
kw have fixed this bug of TW

and cost of unit and structures are expensive and it take along time to create some unit and structure

GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Sep 2 2012 Anchor

Both of those are meant to happen. You don't get radar for Nod/GDI until you build the radar building. Scrin gets radar right off the hop to show their tech is better than human tech.
Also, the more something costs, the longer it takes to build. There's an equation out there somewhere, but Carnius changed a few things, so it won't be as accurate.

Also, I agree with more than just colours. It's just that all the other ideas I like, aren't feasible, via coding, or similar function buildings.

Edited by: GoldenArbiter


"Before enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water." -zen proverb

Sep 3 2012 Anchor

I'm usually in favor of having more choices and it'd be fun to have more color options (not sure how many more colors you guys were thinking), but realistically, I think it isn't necessary because if we added even just a handful more, it can cause confusion. I mean it worked for Dawn of War, especially since we had two color combos to be more unique from one player to another. As for TE though, where we only have 1 base color option, we need to be more careful and only have a couple of each color type - (sometimes) light; normal; dark - otherwise it'd be harder to tell teammate from foe, or your own from another. Sure we can always guess and select, but we really should be able to tell just by looking at them, even while doing some scrolling around. I am happy with the colors already present for TE, but if we were to add a few more colors and as long as everyone has no trouble telling all of them apart in-game, I guess I can see a dark green (not light green, otherwise it might interfere with the green on radar representing tiberium) and dark blue being added - since we have a dark red and dark yellow already (orange can be the dark yellow). I like black but please, no black or brown - in this case, it really would not look good and they would be difficult to see on radar.

I would strongly urge, however, that we be okay with taking out the playable cream/whitish color, as that color should solely represent a neutral/civilian unit/structure - this really should not be a playable color.

GoldenArbiter Proud servant of Kane
Sep 3 2012 Anchor

The two colours I want added (white and black) you think they shouldn't be...... Oh well. I say we add em, test em, and if it turns out looking like crap, then we remove em.


"Before enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water. After enlightenment: Chop wood, fetch water." -zen proverb

Sep 3 2012 Anchor

I am assuming Carnius has already played around with the color pallet to see and compare what works, but if not, I'm all for us testing any for him if there's some he's not sure of - especially while using any new unit/structure designs he might've come up with recently ;)

Oct 15 2012 Anchor

RE: waterways being clogged by tiberium growth, i'm pretty sure those boffins in the GDI Tech Labs will have thought of something over the years (possibly using disruptor technology) to clear away the harmful crystals, and i'm sure it's not beyond the Brotherhood to use some bootlegged Scrin (vibration?) technology to similar effect and open up secret supply lines away from GDI's prying eyes. I see no reason for naval battles not to be cannon as long as we understand the situation has developed since TS & FS days... it really is too tantalising a possibility to pass up, and it can be made plausible within the universe. Although i'm not sure scrin would have ANY naval units.

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