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Nov 2 2012 Anchor

A lot has been said about the little gun on the GDI harvester being woefully inadequate in pretty much all respects, perhaps this could be remedied in a number of ways. I submit the following ideas and invite your own...

1) After the Tech Lab is built have the Harvester upgradable in a similar way to the NOD Avatar allowing 1 of the 3 main types of base defense to be retro-fitted in place of the little machine gun - in the style of TS component towers. This would give a choice of Anti-aircraft Guns, Anti-infantry Vulcan-cannon, or Anti-Vehicle Grenades. Any Base Defense Upgrades would apply here too if possible. Cost 800 per upgrade, 1 per Harvester.

2) After the Tech Lab is built allow an EMP upgrade purchasable at the refinery which upgrades all existing and future Harvesters with a small EMP Projector allowing the Harvester to project a small radius EMP burst at enemy vehicles while remaining fully functional (possibly to make an escape). This upgrade is in addition to the little machine-gun. Cost 2500

3) After the Tech Lab is built Allow a Heavy Armour upgrade purchasable at the refinery which gives all existing and future Harvesters with 66% more armour.
This upgrade is in addition to the little machine-gun. Cost 2000

Nov 6 2012 Anchor

Yes, the each faction harvester uniqeness and usefulness.
Nod one has stealth.But the Scrin one has,to the certain degree, lost its uniqeness.Now all ground Scrin units are being repaired by all sources of tiberium radiation.GDI ones stamina and armor is, I think, already pretty sturdy,and its usefullnes with its machinegun is great.So I say we can:
1.)Increase its combat efforts: by providing it with that MKII bullets for Wolwerine (or however it is called) upgrade too,that could also change its machinegun to a twin-barreled machinegun,provided with +50% attack damage increase,attack rate increase,weapon remodel.Or maybe a new upgrade that changes machinegun into more potent grenade launcher with clear garrison ability.

2:)Increase its harvesting efforts: by creating some upgrade that increase the number of tiberium the GDI harvester can store. yeah,some "Storeroom enlargement" upgrade xd The upgrade could apply for GDI silos,or even refineries too.Provided with "storeroom chamber" remodel upon harvester trunk,silo and refinery.

So that could generally mean,I am into something like "component tower upgrade" or "another idea".

Nov 18 2012 Anchor

This will be a long post, sorry, but it's needed to explain...

I thought the GDI harvesters with mini MG and Nod harvesters with stealth were enough for unique abilities, and only thought Scrin could use a little more, but I do like the idea of component-styled weapons on GDI's harvesters.

I don't think any harvester should have clear structures ability, it'd be too OP. Especially since they automatically roam around between the base and tiberium, without needing your direct control.

Regarding the EMP, GDI will already have enough counter-measures, and with Nod I feel this will take out the usefulness of Buggies in late game. As for Scrin, I would say this particular EMP isn't fitting for them (because it seems more of a human weapon than alien), but, what if instead Scrin's harvesters shot out green "tiberium sludge" at units (same concept as the "Spitter" dinosaur from Jurassic Park) that would work very similarly to an EMP weapon that either temporarily slows or disables the vehicle (Scrin's version of EMP basically) but also harms/kills infantry. To be fair, this should definitely have a cool down, but maybe this should also have a cost - that cost could be some of the tiberium it harvested inside of it, so if it doesn't have tibeirum in it, then it can't use the ability (similar to the Devourer Tank's ability with the conversion beam)

Back to GDI's component weapons, I can definitely see the their harvesters being pre-equipped with the standard mini MG, as we know it, but when we select the harvester, we have 2 other options to buy that'd replace the current MG, as M0nfish originally suggested, but not needing the Tech Center as a prerequisite (the Barracks or Command Center, if any structure). Either: a mini launcher/turret that's good vs vehicles, or a mini anti-air turret. The player will upgrade according to what they feel will be needed more, but the upgrade is irreversible and must have a cost (maybe $200-$500). Or, if it'd be easier and better this way, make the GDI harvester come without any pre-built weaponry (possibly make it slightly cheaper also) by taking off the mini MG, but have that as an upgrade in addition to the other two mini weaponry.

I don't think it'd be necessary to have an upgrade that'd beef up the MG, or for that matter, any of the other guns it might have; if more firepower is needed for defending harvester(s), escort and defend it with the proper units :) However, I could still see it being useful for later game, so I'm not completely against it; it definitely should not be a significant boost/upgrade though. If yes to weapons upgrade, then of course the Nod and Scrin harvesters will need some sort of "boost" so that things stay balanced, which leads into my next idea.

Similar to the armor upgrade that you suggested M0nkfish, here's an idea that I put on another page before: "Refineries: an upgrade that'd affect harvesters, such as X % faster speed (Nod or Scrin), X % more armor (GDI), X % faster harvesting (Scrin or Nod)". If GDI harvesters are to get a boost in firepower, then I think it'd be best just to have one upgrade at the refinery that will add X% more damage to each of the three possible weapons. With these sorts up boosts/upgrades, for sure the Radar should be the prerequisite, but maybe the Tech Center?

After all that, here's what I am interested in:

For GDI, I would like to see M0nkfish's idea of 3 possible component-type weapons (but in the way I just described) as the standard defense ability for the harvesters, and later with an armor boost and/or weapon FP boost from the refinery.

For Scrin, I would like to see Oak's idea that was discussed here with tiberium radiation being "oozed" from Scrin's harvesters and refineries as their standard defense (and healing) ability, and later with a harvesting speed boost, and/or boost in the amount of tiberium it can carry, and/or tiberium sludge projectile (Scrin's version of EMP) ability from the refinery (these boosts seem natural to me, since it's native to tiberium).

For Nod, I would like to keep stealth as its standard defense ability, and later a vehicle speed boost and/or armor boost and/or harvesting speed boost from the refinery.

I am also really in favor of the idea of a cheap upgrade at GDI's and/or Nod's refineries (or at Silos, so more people are apt to build these) that'd increase the tiberium capacity of something(s). I've suggested this elsewhere too. And yes, a new model of some sort should show the upgrade (as with any upgrade I think 8) ).

If you made it through the reading, what do you guys think? :D

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Smallchange GDI, 101st Airborn Division, Firehawk Pilot
Nov 18 2012 Anchor

Ok, threads combined into this new thread:

Please make all future posts about this subject there.

Thank you, this thread is now locked.

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