This group is for you which want to show in your profile you are a single person developing a game, making if not all the game aspects(music, coding, arts), at least most of it, the famous 'lone wolfs' of the indie game world. This group also is supposed to show you respect greatly others which do the same, other 'lone wolfs'. Our games sure take longer to come out and demands much more effort, but you bet they are cool when they do!

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Watch the teaser, read about closed beta testing and apply to join it.

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It's the last "compilation" video (before release trailer).
It contains new gameplay footage as well as the cuts from the previous video ("TV Cut" one), actually about 70% of the teaser are these cuts.

A lot of things was added and changed, some of them were cut and I finally fixed the AI.
Now enemies avoiding obstacles, roaming, patrolling, see and hear player.

So, the game is pretty much ready for the testing.
It will week or in the end of January.
I need mature and experienced gamers who can criticize the bad and praise the good, tell what works and what doesn't, tell is the story perfectly understandable or not, etc.
If you're a game developer or game journalist, it would be the perfect fit.
Send me a message anywhere (e-mail, PM here, facebook, Steam, reddit) and ask to apply. If you're a good candidate, I'll reply you and will send the build when it will be ready.
The game currently supports only HD resolutions and Widescreen monitors. You need at least medium desktop to launch the game, minimal requirements are: 32-bit system / Dual-Core / 2GB RAM / GeForce 8xxx or ATI 1950 or better.

So far I have 2 Linux testers and 3 Windows testers.

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