This group is for you which want to show in your profile you are a single person developing a game, making if not all the game aspects(music, coding, arts), at least most of it, the famous 'lone wolfs' of the indie game world. This group also is supposed to show you respect greatly others which do the same, other 'lone wolfs'. Our games sure take longer to come out and demands much more effort, but you bet they are cool when they do!

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An all new CDF Ghostship, many changes, extra content and a total revamp in every department. Check out our latest video.

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The demo is available form Halloween, the new demo has many improvements and bug fixes and is totally random. No 2 games will be the same!

**Pre-orders and contributors can download the alpha from tomorrow (Halloween) in the members area on the CDF Ghostship web site. **

Check out some story mode gameplay!
There have been many improvenemts, many of your issues have been addressed and we have worked to bring you a bigger, better game.

As soon as we can get it sorted with Desura the will an update to the old alpha (0.36) The new update has seen many improvements.

  • All new weapons
  • Better Weapon mechanics
  • Numerous bug fixes such as map problems, large gun size etc.
  • New aliens, improved animations
  • Random Events
  • Aliens are random (you will always have to be alert)
  • All new front end menu system
  • Numerous AI fixes!
  • Total graphics, textures,normals and lighting overhaul

& many more improvements and changes!

Be sure to check out the new demo! its awesome!

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