Tactical Societ, or TacSoc, is a group for ARMA 2 players, you need not be a seasoned veteren to be a member. I've set this up as a place to upload you scenarios, organise multiplayer games, and anything else you can think of. If you have found other tactical shooters please feel free to mention them, this is a Tactical shooter society, not just an ARMA society. :D

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The Day is next saturday, The time is 17:00 GMT (uk time), and the Game is Arma Operation Arrowhead.

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Takistani Militia have been hiding behind Coalition lines in Civilian environments. Provided with British sniper overwatch, an elite team of KSK soldiers have been tasked with eliminating all militia in the surrounding area.
Rules of engagement are simple, no civilian casualties, lethal force required. The sniper team will be inserted moments before the KSK assualt force to recon the area, identify targets and civilians, and destroy any stationary emplacements.

The game will take place at 1700hrs GMT (this may change, but this seems the most likely time), I think the game is just Operation Arrowhead, but load Combined Ops as I may have unwittingly used some A2 units.

The Server will be called "TacSoc", and I'm going to leave it password free.

If you can or can't make it, please let me know, also if you tell me what your timezone is I can work out the best time to hold the games in future.
Also, if you get any good Screenshots I would love them, as I'm running low on screenies for the news articles :O


Oh yeh, please comment with your ingame name so we know who is who, mine is "Saliiim".

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