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StarCraft: Resilience Rising is on ModDB, and will be released to the public no later than June 31st, 2012.

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StarCraft: Resilience Rising is my entry for the Campaign Creations Campaign Contest of 2012.

The direction for Resilience Rising is as follows.

I will make a lengthy campaign entitled "Resilience Rising", modeled after Blizzard-like build-and-destroy missions and commando missions reminiscent of Aeon of the Hawk and Flame Knives. This campaign will be at least ten playable missions and a cinematic epilogue, and may be extended to support additional missions. Resilience Rising will be fully-voiced, with custom units, unit graphics, and portraits thrown in as additional content. Not all of this content will be original work by me, and I will cite such examples in the credits of the epilogue. I intend on including a myriad of music tracks -- again, original works, or otherwise -- and will cite the contributing artists/groups for their works.

Resilience Rising revolves around a trio of Protoss brethren, one of which who has attained the fictional military rank of "Resiliator". A Resiliator acts as a field commander and holds similar responsibilities to a marshall, such as Jim Raynor. The other two characters are also of fictional ranks, and all three will make physical appearances in every mission, with very few exceptions. The Resiliator and his battle brothers will embark on a quest to return Aiur to its former glory, shortly after the death of the Overmind. With much of the Protoss forces having retreated to Shakuras, their journey will be extremely difficult, taxing, and painful. Every character, including minor characters, will make sacrifices for their own cause, but none will sacrifice more than the three protagonists.

The many faces you will see in Resilience Rising are...

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A powerful and strong-willed Zealot who has attained the rank of Resiliator, Algannor represents loyalty to reason and to the Protoss people of Aiur. He fights to save his brothers, no questions asked, and looks up to Vice-regent Tanuderal for being a stalwart defender of what the Protoss truly stand for. His values lay with the Protoss, not the failed Conclave.

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An adept psion and experienced tactician, Vice-regent Tanuderal is a well-known defender of Aiur's people and seeks to save the dying planet from the Zerg menace and infestation. He witnessed Tassadar's sacrifice to destroy the Overmind and vowed to continue in the templar's footsteps -- Tanuderal, however, has a strong dislike for Dark Templar, for reasons that will be revealed as the story progresses...

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Ultor comes from an organisation of long-lasting Conclave members, and holds similar respects and values, as such. He resents the disrespect that many Protoss now levy against the Conclave and often defends their practises and traditions, despite their retreat from Aiur. He supports Tanuderal and Algannor in their quest to restore Aiur's prosperity, but most of his support is underlined with cynical remarks.

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The powerful Archon that resulted at the joining of two First Templar, Kreelak/Fadonnis is the commander-in-chief of the Carrier Armageddon, which is distinguishable from normal Carriers by the extra armour. He is a valuable asset to the Protoss, simultaneously being a great leader and an experienced and zealous warrior. Kreelak/Fadonnis is a powerful psion that relishes battle and wishes nothing more than to annihilate all Zerg presence on Aiur.

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A Dark Templar whose allegiances are hard to pinpoint, Sylar is a relatively-unknown and incredibly-secretive warrior. Those who don't know him well have attacked him, levying accusations of treason against both the Dark Templar and the Protoss High Conclave, but neither cases of his would-be betrayal have much evidence behind them. He is a powerful assassin and warrior who prefers, like most of his kin, to strike from the shadows rather than directly confront the enemy. Sylar's ability to use the void's energies to destroy Cerebrates permanently may become invaluable to the Protoss of Aiur, should they encounter such a creature.

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Skultor is the physical manifestation of Cerebrate Esilyr, a notoriously-aggressive brood leader. Skultor's sentience is a powerful threat to Aiur's defenders, as it means that the leader of an entire Zerg brood is not stationary and can indeed fight back. His abilities are dangerous and his intelligence is cunning and malevolent, and Skultor shows no signs of being merciful to the Protoss unlucky enough to be caught in his snare. His goal is to finish what the Overmind started -- eradicate the Protoss on Aiur, and integrate the refugees hiding on Shakuras into the Zerg Swarm.

Mysterious Being
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A creature of an unknown origin with an unknown purpose. The Mysterious Being has never physically intervened with any events of the universe, so its power is dubious and enigmatic, but this entity indeed expresses an intelligent comprehension of the recent events of Aiur, and of Protoss history in general. Few in the Koprulu Sector know of its existence, and fewer still acknowledge it as something that truly exists. Perhaps more of its motives and goals will be exposed as the story progresses.

More updates are coming, soon...

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