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Feb 16 2010 Anchor

Wow.. first post on these forums.. Well anyways I decided to make this to help clarify any question there might be about the naming system for Battlenet 2.0 since SC2 will be using it. I have seen some people ( outside of here ) not fully understanding how the system will work.

So far as it stands you will have two ( 2 ) names.
1st Name. = Not unique, anyone can have this name. This name will be displayed when you join games and talk while in them.
Example. If someone has the first name of "TerribleDamage" then that name will be displayed while in a game with other players. It will also be displayed in the loading screen, as well as when you talk to others playing in that game.

2end name. = Unique, no one els can have this name. This name will be displayed when someone looks at your profile, as well as your endgame stats. It is also used for chat OUTSIDE of the game. IE in chatroom(s) as well as chatting to players in games you are not in. ( Both SC2, as well as other Blizzard games that will be using Battlenet 2.0, such as World of Warcraft )

The full name?
Only one person can have the name of "TerribleDamage.DustinBrowder". However someone els if they wanted to could have the name of "TerribleDamage.DavidKim".

When it comes to viewing your full name, I believe that can only be done by other players via looking at your profile. It will either have a dot to separate the space or something els. ( Currently I think it is a dot, since that has been the example used by Blizzard when they explained it )

As far as clan tags, it is unknown exactly how it will work. Chances are if it is displayed with your name, it will be like this. "[Epic] TerribleDamage" or something along those lines. Clans will definitely be displayed on your profiles page for sure though.

Hope this helps anyone who have questions about it. I will attempt to update this when more info and/or there needs to be.

Feb 16 2010 Anchor

Looks like Steam (I mean 1st name (like nickname), and 2nd name, name of account)

Jul 21 2010 Anchor

It seems they MIGHT end up changing the naming policy here so the above information might end up being in-correct when the game gets launched. Part of the reason behind the changes was due to the RealID fiasco as well as people having issues with the setup I mentioned with this thread. Honestly I hope it does not change from what I said above as I really don't like their proposed change at the moment.

( Better than them using RealID either way though. I am definitely not a fan of Blizzard's Real-ID idea. )


As everyone should know by now they scrapped the naming system from beta. It now is a non unique name followed by a randomly generated three digit number.

So for example you wanted your name to be Jack. It will randomly give you a number that no one els who chose the name Jack have received yet.

So you can run into more than 1 person with the name of Jack ( even play the same game with everyone with that name.. ) however what is important is the number associated with the name. Jack#304 and Jack#698 would basically be how you can difference the people from each other. However the only way to check this number is to look at the person's profile. Something you can NOT do during the match/game.

You will only get ONE name, and you can not change it.
Just a warning to those of you who have yet to pick up a copy of the game. The name also is limited by 12 characters with letters only. ( IE no numbers, spaces, or things like _ * \ ect ect. Now I could be wrong about the numbers but I am fairly sure you can't have em so that its not confused for the random number your given. )

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