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The Jedi Order have captured a large chunk of the outer rim.

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Jedi Order/AOL,
The New Empire (TNE),
Sith Empire

The Jedi captured a large portion of the outer rim within a few short days. The first of many invasions took place at Geonosis, where Jedi Commanders Headhunter, Tharnis, and Sab3r took the fight to the Sith Empire. Tharnis and Sab3r focused on many outer rim territories, while Headhunter focused his attack on Geonosis. Lord_of_Pain the current Commander of the Sith fleet stood his ground at Geonosis and attacked Headhunters fleet. A major battle began. All of a sudden Sab3r arrived with reinforcements over Geonosis. Lord_of_Pains defences were tough to crack. He sent waves of his droids against the Jedi and their soldiers. They held their ground and pushed Lord_of_Pains forces back.
Clone Army Charge.jpg

It was a slow push but eventually they broke through the Sith Lines. While the land invasion continued, Tharnis arrived with more reinforcements in Space, followed by Tens personal elite army, and also followed by Jedi Master D.L Taushung, who decided to board Lord_of_Pains Flagship the Subjucator. He was captured while aboard the ship while Lord_of_Pain gathered his remaining forces and retreated.

DeadRanger came in for a short time but was overwhelmed after Ori'verda came in and quickly retreated back into hyperspace. The progress through out the Outer Rim went effectively but slow. The Army of Light was stretched very thin. They had no choice but to halt their forces and rebuild for an expected reteliation from Sith Empire forces.

For a complete explanation of Operation Bermuda, head here


TNEL didn't even fight

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