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As a result of the download links disappearing, I've re-uploaded Oblivion Lost 2010 but with many new features. Give me no credit! All I've done is add features from other mods into OL2010, and re-uploaded it. This is not my original work.

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The core of this mod pack is Oblivion Lost 2010, which I downloaded from moddb a little over a year ago. It's a very stable version; it never gives me any crashes. However it isn't the most complete version since it only adds around three guns. But it has other major atmospheric changes that completely change the look... namely the following.

- Photorealistic Zone textures
- Absolute Nature

I hand picked the best textures for pretty much every material. The result is amazing; most textures are either 2048 x 2048 or 4096 x 4096, so a 3GB enabler is HIGHLY recommended. I also rebalanced all weapons, armor, and artifacts. Guns now have identical muzzle velocity, mag size, and RPM as the real thing, with realistic accuracy and power drawn from my personal knowledge and experience. Gnomus scopes are also included and aim-sway has been re-enabled.

This is not the final version, but it's perfectly stable. The next version, which I will hopefully have uploaded in less than a month, will have dozens of new guns from Arsenal mod included. I will also add some additional shaders, namely for reflections, sunshafts, water, and maybe depth of field. So stay tuned. Here's the download link with more info.

Alternate link:


So seeing as your taking a page out of the STALKERSOUP book, why not add 15 new locations? Except for the ******* cave. Not that one.

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boredgunner Author

Easier said than done. Our best bet would be to wait for STALKERSOUP to be completed, though to be honest, I don't think it or Narodnaya Solyanka will ever be stable. So I say, wait for Lost Alpha.

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Narodnaya Solyanka is what i played never this stalker soup. A link would be nice to it but as stated by kenny. That cave can go **** itself... Otherwise mate, good job.

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boredgunner Author

I got it from here:

And updates from here (though my AV just gave me a warning about this site):

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I believe that STALKERSOUP contains Narodnaya Soljanka in the mod. The cave sequence was just wrong, but the rest has such potential, with new maps and quests, something everyone looks for in a mod.
Agree with boredgunner, best to wait for Lost Alpha, which hopefully will be stable.

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boredgunner Author

I thought the cave part was pretty cool lol. But I don't like how you got there, I was just hoping for a similar location to be hidden somewhere like within the Red Forest.

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I'd agree if it was part of the mission/quest, not as some random sequence with no real purpose, I suppose playing it reminded me of Fallout 3 for some reason, but all this talk of StalkerSoup has only driven me to give it another blast, so back to the cave!

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boredgunner Author

Haha. I would have preferred for it to just be a hidden location with no real purpose. If you happen upon it, good for you (but not really). After I'm done updating OL2010 I'll give it another shot, since it has been updated.

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I gave it another blast, completed the cave sequence, got to the cordon followed by 2 X CTD, it might be my ageing rig, but I've given up with it for the time, giving an AMK mod a run, got to the bar no problems, roll on Lost Alpha and your new Oblivion Lost 2010 + More mod.

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