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The Minimum Wage
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Beskamir Creator

It should be enough to allow a person to get a better education and job while being able to pay for basic needs and some wants.

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Completely agree here. Large corporations can be good to a degree, but the way some of these companies such as mcdonalds have undermined labor makes me sick. Minimum wage needs to go up, f*ck prices.

Higher minimum wage will lead to less jobs that require no skill whatsoever, allowing slightly more power back to the workers.

Non-emancipated teenagers should have their pay cut substantially as well. Most of these kids already have parents bringing in an income and there's no reason why they should be earning what an unemployed man with a family and no healthcare needs- like I said, minimum wage->less jobs(but BETTER ones)->healthier workforce/economy.

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ComradeWinston Author

The system to determine which young people should apply to the adolescent minimum wage would have to be thorough and based on a given household's income as some kids obviously have to help their parents if they don't even break the 40k mark.

Though to prolong such a minimum wage beyond high school age would be unfair, given that a decent income is necessary to break into the world.

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If minimum wage is bumped up to ~$9 families wouldn't be in a situation in which their kids had to work (I've done the math). That kind of family dynamic isn't the kind of thing we want to encourage- Granted, it's good for kids to have experience working, but it's a lot better for them to be working at internships or volunteering as they're at a pivotal phase of their moral/intellectual development.

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Mr.Walrus Creator

As the minimum wage rises, so do prices, making the minimum wage ineffective. The only way to make sure everyone has their basic needs supplied/education provided is to either set price ceilings or have the government socialize certain parts of the economy/education.

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Probably the most important part of that is raising taxes for everyone, not just the rich, poor, or middle class, EVERYONE.

Unfortunately Americans don't like paying taxes (for good reasons in some cases (NSA/wars))- It's a politician's worst nightmare to raise taxes, because once they touch the income tax, it starts raining sh*t. It's kind of sad actually.

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