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School Shooting
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I honestly don't know, but I do know it's not music, movies, or videogames. That's just stupid to think that.

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MattmanDude Creator

Our modern society is very fast faced, and very high stress. I think that human beings just weren't meant to be under that kind of constant looming stress... and some people deal with it, and some don't.

There may be other factors I'm not yet considering... but like Dann said... it's not the media.

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It's fast in Europe too, but this doesn't happen as often there.

A simple idiot would jump in and say it's because of the guns, but I'd say it's because people here aren't as happy- I think we lost something in the midst of the 9/11 attacks, and only now are we starting to feel the longer term effects in our nation (I'm not blaming 9/11, I'm talking about living in our cold, post 9/11 society).

Look at how these things are happening:
People aren't walking around on the streets shooting people or going into their homes to kill them- these people enter a public building or facility first beforehand.

There's more to this than meets the eye, these millennial killers all have something in common in their psyche- regardless of their background. Something is happening. We all know it's going on, but we don't know why or even what IT is per say- what we do know is that these shootings are happening A LOT, and I fear that when the time comes to take action, our society will be too busy trying to point at whoever they believe to be responsible before trying to identify the real problem.

We are falling apart, and we need to step back and ask why- what's different now? What would compel you to kill? When did this start? What kind of people do these things?

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Kalga Author

Um... this might be heresy but I'm not trolling (not on this site).

This is the price society pays for the freedom/right to bear arms and the inherit distrust of law enforcement, as well as acceptance of violence (the portrayal of violence in the media is a symptom, not a cause) and lack of ways to safely vent off personal issues, not the forget the atmosphere of fear & self protection in the public education system (metal detectors, armed guards/police, drug search, etc.) as well as the greater society itself (stranger danger, stand your ground).

As long as people refuse to acknowledge the fact that shootings are only the end symptoms of numerous faults ingrained within society itself and that there is no simple solutions society will have to accept these shootings as the new "normal".

Any "solution" to this problem will be long term and costly, the question is: will society find it worth the costs?

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What do you expect? This country's culture has to be one of the most confused retarded messes and most of that mess of culture is brain-dead.

Pretty much all of these mass shootings are really mass involuntary suicides. Someone who has been wronged or frustrated with some of the many strains of ******** in this country and being barraged with no shortage of false hope as a kid. I'm astounded someone isn't shooting-up one of the many thousands of schools every other day.

If it wasn't for my odd innate lack of ability to want to die I may have bloody well stabbed some prick in middle school out of sheer frustration with the morons I was surrounded by.

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Beskamir Creator

I hope this is the last time I need to say this:

It's the retarded media that causes these things to happen!! If someone is depressed, disturbed, feels useless, has psychological issues, etc. then the last thing you want to give them is the hope of being remembered as a super villain which is exactly what the media does.

To fix the problem they should just present the information to the local community in a boring manner and not even mention the even anywhere else. Also the idiot should be labeled an idiot not some brilliant villain.

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xxT65xx Creator

By 'glorifying' the killer and basically putting his entire life on display, news stations only encourage more imitation shootings. If they actually wanted to reduce the number of shotings and were worried about more than ratings, they would focus more on the victims.

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But how do you expect the populace to be laden with fear without a good mass shooting story and daily homicide coverage?

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Beskamir Creator

It'd be better if they weren't...

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But how would Republicans get elected without the electorate ******* their pants at the polls?

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First of all, let's all take some time for a moment of silence for the victims of this latest shooting.

Once again, there has been another school shooting (this time, in Nevada) and so far every debate I see has been reduced to the same old situation (where people are just getting over-emotional and the whole discussion has been reduced to a shouting match with the usual "arguments" thrown in).

Hopefully here we can discuss this in a civil manner

To clarify, we can discuss anything related, from gun control to social engineering to the balance between safety & freedom or other things of that nature.

Source here: Cnn.com

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