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Kalga Creator

No, but I'm usually too lazy to try to find them for free, and I'm also afraid of accidentally downloading virus and stuff..

... so in a sense the price I'm paying is to make sure that the product is safe and the convenience cost.

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Beskamir Creator

It's not that difficult to get media for free but if I really support the product and developer, artist, company, etc. I either recommend them to just about all my friends and/or buy their products and support them forever.

I found The Witcher 2 thanks to piracy and ended up buying it, waiting very patiently (no not really:P) for The Witcher 3, and recommending CD Projekt RED to all my friends because they are awesome. Therefore if a company wants my full support they should be like CIG, Valve, Bethesda or best of all CD Projekt RED.

Ubisoft and Rockstar keep stabbing us (the pc master race) in the back with delayed releases and in Ubisoft's case (not sure about Rockstar) no mod tools for Anvil. Like COME ON! I want Assassin's Creed mods!! Ubisoft and Rockstar are at least not dead to me like Warner Brothers. I'm sure all of you know what happened to MERP:(

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That's pretty much what I do too, i've boughten many games i've pirated because they're good. I've also boughten many games without pirating them, and sometimes they're very bad... So in a way i see TPB as a full game demo site of sorts, i figure between the games ive paid for which are bad, and the good games ive pirated and later boughten, im pretty much even.

Movies are the same for me, if they're good i'll buy them. TV shows I just pirate since i figure if you can watch them on TV for free, I can pirate them for free as well. That being said I did buy season 1 and 2 of Game of Thrones after pirating them so...

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MattmanDude Creator

I pay for all the media I consume.

Morals and whatnot, lol.

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I pay for what is worth paying. Games: I play them for free, if I like, I buy them. Movies: I buy the ones that I might want to watch in the furture (like forest gump, I love that movie xD). Music: Only disks from artist that I like and are still alive. Series: I don't pay to watch them, even on TV, but I buy some shirts and stuff.

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ComradeWinston Author

I have just enough money to consistently buy new games without going poor, and not pay a single penny to see movies, series, ect... though I do have HBO so that pretty much covers the 'pay for **** I like' category.

Not to mention, I also threw $60 at Cyanide & Happiness for a purple eye stabber plushy. xD

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The only game I "pirated" was Mount and Blade: Warband and I only "pirated" by downloading a "unlock full game" file on StrategyGamer (a site not known for piracy) out of curiosity (to see if it really did work), I wasn't actually searching for this as I was just browsing M&B mods before I ever knew of Moddb (I had also brought M&B prior). Also had it checked for viruses too and sure enough, it actually worked. In the end I did buy Warband itself though.

I have watched movies online for free but only because I can't always find someone to go Cinema with (not everyone has the same movie tastes, you know how it is) and I don't particularly like Cinema all the time either. Most of the time I watch the latest releases on rental or DvD though and probably visit Cinema once or twice a year.

So unless a friend throws a pirate movie my way, I otherwise do not go out of my way to pirate as I otherwise have the money to purchase these types of media monthly. Mainly because I try to get the most out of my games which are mostly RPG's (and therefore content heavy). Still playing Dragon's Dogma 300 hours in and Dark Souls 300 hours in even though the former released a year ago and the later, two years ago.

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I do it for the sexual thrill

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Do you still pay for media that can easily be found for free?

P.S. Go to Voldy.to to see movies for free. :D

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