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Katt Williams on atheism (Do atheists do humour?) (view original)

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The question here is: Do atheists do humour when it's aimed at them?

The comedian Katt Williams made some jokes about atheists some time ago which consist of (IMO) a few non-serious jokes. He attacks the atheists for having nothing to believe in saying that they can't cum because they have nothing to say. "Who do you even pray to? Nobody. You can’t even cum. What do you say when you cum, atheist? Oh.. Oh.. Nothing. That’s right, ’cause that’s what you believe in." and later a made a few more jokes about atheists saying that they've sent him death threats but don't have nobody backing them up, he jokes that if he was killed by them, he'll go straight to Jesus to complain but that they have nobody to complain to. He calls atheists "dumb motherfuckers" throughout the act.

Katt Williams has also been attacked for bashing evolution but he says some contradicting stuff on evolution that suggests that he himself believes in it:

"You too old to be believing in evolution… evolution say people came from monkeys, and the question is, why is there still monkeys, you dumb motherfucker, you…"

"Atheists gonna tell me, well you believe in God so that means you don't believe in evolution. What the fuck? I thought evolution meant, something started of like this and later changed into something else, I think God made that happen and watched those bitches evolve like the rest of us."

It seems to me that Katt isn't even serious. He jokes on Buddhism, Hinduism and Christianity too saying at one point that Buddhists don't believe in nothing "but peace and love" which he respects but that nobody can worship Buddha because he's obese. I personally think some atheists like The "Friendly" atheist take comedy too seriously and couldn't tell that Katt isn't even serious with his comedy and even if he was, comedy is comedy and shouldn't be taken seriously. It should be noted that Katt joked on Christianity too despite being a Christian himself.