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Beanchilla Noble Beanchilla
Dec 3 2012 Anchor

You guys should post your stories below as well because if there's anything I love about this game, it's the weird shit than unfolds.
I am not one of the great DF players. I can barely manage to make it by when vampires show up unless I seal him off right away by some stroke of luck.


One time I had a river leading up to a waterfall and some how, even though I had designated an area far, far away from the waterfall, one of my fisherman ended up getting pulled into the current and murdered. I then sent a couple dwarves over to try and block the current by building stone, but they ended up falling in as well. I decided it would be best to just ignore this river now and simply not designate it as a zone at all or build on top of it.

A few days go by and I notice there are ghosts down there. They can't get into my fortress, they are just stuck at the bottom of the waterfall. My dwarves start wandering over to this waterfall and killing themselves. One after another until I am almost out of dwarves (this was relatively early game so I only had about 20).
My game finally ended when the last dwarf went and killed herself and there were at least a dozen ghosts at the bottom of that waterfall.

Now I've realized I probably should have ordered them not to collect bodies/remains or whatever but still... that was quite the experience. Things like that always seem to happen in this game and it just makes it so much fun.
What stories do you guys got? Ghosts? Vampires? Alcohol? Sickness? Psychotic veterans? Glorious battles?

Kamin Drunken Master
Dec 4 2012 Anchor

Hahaha, that's pretty brilliant! I hope you attempted a reclaim!

Most of my stories, not surprisingly, come from my succession fort currently on Bay12. It's known as !!DRUNK FORTRESS!! (and can be found under a thread of the same title). Oh, and yes--the players ACTUALLY get drunk before/during their turn. The thing is, some of the best stories are loose translations of drunken typing,,, But I digress!

I think one of my favorites involved a certain Overseer who combined his coffin storage area in the dining room. I asked what the hell he was doing, and he said something to the effect that "Dwarves respect their ancestors, right? All the more reason to put them in the dining room." Impeccable drunken logic.

One of my PERSONAL favorite experiences was when I had a massive loyalty cascade. I had these annoying fucking traders stuck on the edge of my map, so I decided to "clean" them up (by killing them). Well, when the trader was killed, everybody labeled the offending axedwarf as an enemy to the whole civilization. The PROBLEM was that the aforementioned axedwarf just so happened to end up being a vampire--no amount of beating could destroy him, and literally MONTHS passed during this constant beating phase. Go figure the vampire ended up healing later (I pulled the military off after a while), and then just went ahead with killing off like 70 fellow dwarves in a tantrum. Goodbye, fortress!

Lots of the other stories involve drunken fortress destruction... It's all quite beautiful, really!

Beanchilla Noble Beanchilla
Dec 4 2012 Anchor

Haha jesus! I always end up getting lazy when checking for vampires. After I read about 15 descriptions I just let it slide until next time and then BOOM!
That's a damn good story though. Vamp tantrums are the worst. I am usually pretty calm when I play dwarf fortress and it's a nice game to relax with but... things like that after a long good fortress do tend to make me rage a bit haha.

Drunk Fortress looks pretty bad ass haha that stuff is fun to read.

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