A group dedicated to writing SF stories set in Star Wars universe, with potential for cross-universe plots.

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Nice, I guess? Her derangements are a downer.I never enjoyed Malkavians because of that. Untrustworthy folk. xD...

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Vixenblood Author

Wel the RP is here now, and it is open for more... you feel like joining up, feel free!

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Name: Ixis (given to her by her Sire, she forgot, or vas made to forget, her real name)

Born: 1924
Sired: 1949
Appears: 25 yrs old

Place of Birth: She does not remember, that memory vas somehow lost or buryd, vhen she vas Sired. But her thick East Europe akcent, when speaking English, can give one a clue, at least vaguely.

Clan: Malkavian, but she is un-aware of her afiliation, just one of many things her Sire maked her forget, or bury deep in memory.

Sect: Ixis is a Anarch member, being a convincedly anarchistic personality, not to mention insane.

Species: Vampire

Haven: Anywhere where she hapens to decide to spend the day in. A traveler and aflicted vith a terminal case of wander-lust, mixed vith a sub-conscius dezire to find her Sire and exact her revenge on him, Ixis never stays in any one place long enogh to call it haven.

Derangements: Teddy bears drenched in blood. Ixis loves colecting teddy bears, then soaking them in buckets or other canisters, full of fresh blood she drained from some un-fortunate Kine, one or more of them. Once soaked, then left to dry-up, she loves to spend her daily hibernation surounded by dozens of them, like a blood-soaked audience, sitting all around her. In some sick way, they remind her of her childhood, vhile the pervading odor of blood soothes her. One who is familiar vith this habit of hers, can easyli trace the locations she has vizited, simply by being on the look-out for any bizzare instances where theres a lot of teddy bears coated in dried blood, and un-explained ocurences in the news, of people being drained of blood after being killed.


Tight leathers, latex, chains, and cleavage. Ixis is very inclined to emphasize her rebelius nature, and wel aware of her bountyful atributes, that havent changed over the decades she vas turned, and she isnt hezitant to use them to get vhat she wants, be it from the other Kindred, or any google-eyed Kine guy (or girl, she is bisexual) who gets smitten by her.

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