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Unlike beta 1, we actually have enough content to support an online community this time around and there's no better known way to do that other than via a tournament & ladder system!

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With our work on beta 2 reaching completion, we have started to think about how we can make this beta succeed where beta 1 failed. Naturally the first 2 thoughts were, ladder system and tournament. We are more than happy to arrange both of these and have streams covering the events, but before we can fully plan a tournament, we need to know roughly how many people would be interested in participating in one.

If we receive enough interest, we will later publish more details on the rules, bracket system, rules, date and time. If we do not receive that much interest then we can still find alternate methods to rally a small community together although it will be far less interesting!

So if you're interested in a ladder & tournament for Frontline, then post here! We don't need a username for RA3 just yet as we're only interested in the numbers at the moment! If you're reading this and do not have a moddb account, please send us an e-mail at!

Don't forget to spread the word, beta 2 is coming!

Beta 2 - Islas Five Beaker River
Frosty Canal (2 player map) ignore

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