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TrashMap game crashes (Groups : [PAD]Community : Forum : WoP Troubleshooting : TrashMap game crashes) Locked
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Mar 3 2019 Anchor


today, when I was playing on TrashMap, my game crashed many times. I am sending you crash reports from my WoP folder. Good luck with fixing it. See you on next PADday, MamincinMazanek.


Mar 4 2019 Anchor

Well, I have done a few tests today. I deleted my original games.log file which was 1.8gb! I couldn't be bothered trying to find the latest issues in that :D

I deleted it and did 5 tests on trashmap. Every time it crashed, looking at the games.log file, it seemed that it crashed when armor shards were getting collected every time. Here are the last 10 lines of the 5 tests i did. These rounds were on my local server with 10 bots (less clients than on padday) The final line is when it crashed.

Test 1:

1:26 Item: 5 item_armor_shard
1:26 Item: 9 item_armor_shard
1:26 Item: 5 item_armor_shard
1:26 Item: 5 item_armor_shard
1:26 Item: 5 item_armor_shard
1:26 Item: 5 item_armor_shard
1:27 Item: 0 weapon_boaster
1:27 Item: 1 weapon_betty
1:27 Item: 6 item_armor_shard
1:28 Item:

Test 2:

1:54 Item: 8 ammo_bubbleg
1:54 Item: 8 ammo_nipper
1:54 Item: 3 ammo_boaster
1:55 Kill: 8 MOD_BUBBLEG 3
1:55 AddScore: 8 1 kill
1:55 DropItem: 3 weapon_pumper
1:55 Item: 8 weapon_pumper
1:55 Item: 5 item_armor_shard
1:55 Item: 0 item_armor_shard
1:55 Item: 0 item_armor_shard

Test 3:

0:18 Item: 2 item_armor_shard
0:18 Item: 1 item_armor_shard
0:18 Item: 2 item_armor_shard
0:18 Kill: 3 MOD_BUBBLEG 6
0:18 AddScore: 3 1 kill
0:19 Item: 8 item_armor_shard
0:19 Item: 2 weapon_bubbleg
0:19 Item: 8 item_armor_shard
0:20 Item: 3 item_armor_shard
0:20 Item: 5 it

Test 4:

1:03 Item: 4 ammo_nipper
1:03 Item: 4 ammo_boaster
1:05 Item: 6 weapon_balloony
1:05 Say: 1 You'll be hearing from my lawyers!
1:05 Kill: 8 MOD_PUMPER 6
1:05 AddScore: 8 1 kill
1:05 Award: 8 excellent
1:05 DropItem: 6 weapon_boaster
1:06 Item: 9 item_armor_shard
1:06 Item: 7 item_armor_

Test 5:

1:05 Item: 7 item_armor_shard
1:05 Item: 7 item_armor_shard
1:05 Item: 7 item_armor_shard
1:06 Item: 1 item_armor_shard
1:06 Item: 1 item_armor_shard
1:06 Kill: 8 MOD_BUBBLEG 9
1:06 AddScore: 8 1 kill
1:06 DropItem: 9 weapon_bubbleg
1:06 DropItem: 9 item_visionless
1:07 Item: 5 item_armor_shard

Every time, you were always kicked instantly out of the game entirely. And as you can see, each time, the last thing written seems to be about the shards. However, me and adri spent 10 minutes with just us and no bots collecting every shard on the map and there was no problem. Set the bot_minplayers to 10, both of us got kicked within a few minutes, although not at the same time. Adri rejoined, and within a minute was kicked out the game again. And the games.log file was yet again half way through writing the item_armor_shard all 3 times.

Really strange. This map has had this crashing problem ever since 1.5 was out. Never did it on 1.2 or 1.1. Remember playing on it very often then without problems. It is really hard to have a match without this happening when you have more than 2 or 3 players. However, the BB version does not suffer this problem.

This is as much information as I can give. The crash log i was referring to on pad day was mentioning a different error, not this one.

Hope it will help a bit.

Mar 13 2019 Anchor

Hi there. Thanks for the input. I never faced any crash problem playing the map. Also never while developing it and never while enjoying it with or without bots online or offline. It is simply not crashing on my very different systems (notebook and desktop) and I cannot recreate this issue. I will have a retouch on this map due to new skybox light features I want to test and to implement. So I will have a closer look at the shard items, but I think it is not the reason.

I would like to know what computer setup you are using, where you face the crash. Is that a shared memory graphics card? What are the specs?

Also someone mentioned in the ingame chat a "Z_Malloc" issue. This is referred to a memory allocation issue. In this case try to raise the hunkmegs and the zonemegs one after the other. Default values are, as far as I found out:

  • com_zonemegs 24
  • com_hunkmegs 128

You can find out by opening the command by pressing Shift+Esc and first entering "\com_zonemegs" and second "\com_hunkmegs". The hunkmegs were increased already by default in the WoP engine to 128. The zonemegs kept untouched from the old quake 3 engine times, as far as I know. This can cause on some maps a bottleneck in memory allocation. So maybe try to increase the zonemegs to 64 or 128. This cannot be done while the game is running, so it needs to be set as a start parameter.

The windows shortcut must be changed by adding "+set com_zoneMegs 64" directly after "... wop.exe". I am not on my computer at the moment, so I can give more detailed instruction later this evening. Please stay tuned.

Mar 13 2019 Anchor

I use Ubuntu. I'm often not good at understanding these sorts of things. The strange thing is that I don't know anyone who doesn't experience this issue on the map, other than you. We all know it as the map that crashes, ever since 1.5.

I first used wop on a laptop, but was only just over 10 at the time, so don't really remember it well :D But since 1.5 came out, I have had a desktop PC. I remember my graphics cards, and they were bought separately to improve the performance of my computer. On my first PC, I had the nvidia GeForce GTX 630.

Then on my latest PC, I have the GTX 960. Both cards support wop at maximum detail, including the anisotropy and antialiasing at the highest. I have just tried turning the detail right down and it still does the same thing. Both my new and old PC have wop installed and have the same problems with this map. And both work with the 1.2 version of this map no problem.

Mar 15 2019 Anchor

Hi Ben,

you can change that settings ingame, too. But you must use "seta" instead of "set" and restart WoP after changing that variables.


seta com_zonemegs 64
seta com_hunkmegs 256

Then restart your WoP. This method may don't work on servers with mods running, so best try it offline and create your own game.

Kai-Li: Ich habe irgendwie das Gefühl, dass es mit dem Sound zusammenhängt. Manche Sounds werden sporadisch abgespielt (z. B. Feuerleiter) und ab einer gewissen Menge Sounds stürzt das Spiel ab. Evtl. trägt zur Fehlerfindung bei ob der Crash immer in einer bestimmten Region der Map passiert. Kann mich z. B. nicht erinnern, dass es mir schon mal in der Map-Hälfte vom Basketballkorb passiert ist.

Best regards/Liebe Grüße,

Edited by: hectic2


Best regards/Liebe Grüße,

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Mar 16 2019 Anchor

I tried this hectic. Although it does say these comands will be changed upon restarting, the exact same problem happens as soon as i add bots.

Mar 16 2019 Anchor
Ben_the_PadKing wrote:

I tried this hectic. Although it does say these comands will be changed upon restarting, the exact same problem happens as soon as i add bots.

Sry, i wrote it wrong. You must restart WoP if you entered these comands.

Best regards,


Best regards/Liebe Grüße,

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Mar 17 2019 Anchor

I have just tested this now. Just to make sure, I removed the beryllium mod. But the commands in my local server-settings.cfg. with Bots, it ran much longer, about 10 minutes each time, but still crashed. Did a few more tests without these commands and it always crashed within a minute. But I don't think these commands totally fix it still, but do help a bit.

Edited by: Ben_the_PadKing

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