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Skull Overlord model remade! (Groups : [PAD]Community : Forum : WoP General : Skull Overlord model remade!) Post Reply
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May 22 2019 Anchor

First of all, I'd like to start out by saying: I am in no way good in modelling and this model is NOT a 100% copy of the original. That said, it is pretty damn close (Safe for the color palette being a lot whiter and the eyes are shaped differently). It may not look as good as the original, but I think it's a good replacement until the original model is found by someone and sent to Kai-Li.

This model will work only in WoP 1.2. I will make a Q3 version if Kai-Li approves it. Once installed, it will have it's own page in the player screen, NOT under the Padman submenu.

NOTE: In order to get the model to display properly, you also need the "wop_padman_old.pk3" file to be in the same directory as the skull overlord model. You can get this file from my 1.2 pack or here: Mega.nz

Download link: <removed due to copyright>

Image comparison of the remade model and the original:

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