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Apr 8 2019 Anchor

I think I am the only one experiencing this. Really strange issue.

Before pad day started, I couldn't see the server for half an hour. On the in game server list, i have it as sort by human players. Show full and empty both on and hide private and only humans switched off. When i pressed refresh, the server list says 8 of 8 servers. I only see 7, with the one i mentioned missing. When looking at the server browser online, it is clear everyone else was there and had no issue. Even when using specify and the server details given on this forum, it just says awaiting and counts up and gets nowhere. At one point, it did see it by specify (same details put in every time) only to find it said the server was full. But after this, i could see it in the server list again. Then i managed to join and have a good few rounds. But later on when i needed to do something briefly out of the game. I then found that i couldn't see the server again. This was well before the end of the pad day and is the the same case this morning. I just can't see that server. I only see 7 even though it says 8 of 8 servers.

I may as well mention that when i was on this server earlier yesterday, my game froze 3 times on this server. I never experience this on any other servers other than when i have network issues. My ping also seemed a bit up and down during the pad day.

I do admittedly have a lot of custom maps and other files, but I'm certain this is not the cause of this issue. I tried setting wop to default and that didn't change anything. I tried scrolling in the server list and that didn't make it visible either. I also tested it on a PC that happens to have wop but never gets used with it. So it has the most clean install possible. Could only see 7 servers there too despite saying there were 8.

There seems to be something really strange about my location not having god access to this server or something. I just can't understand this. Although it was only yesterday and today I was having this problem.

I really hope i will be able to see this server soon as it is clearly still there on the web server browser.

Any idea what could be causing this?


Apr 8 2019 Anchor

The only idea i have is, you don't show full server. But you wrote you have disabled that filter, so i can't help so far :(

Btw. if you have Problems to see the Server or if the master server is down, you can connect to the Padworld server if you type

/connect wop.zock-server.de

into the WoP console or enter that address into the address field when you click at specify in the server browser. The Padworld server use the default port 27960.


Best regards/Liebe Grüße,

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Apr 8 2019 Anchor

I seem to see it again now. And yes that command in the console does work. But the strange thing was, i tried this yesterday when i couldn't see the server. And when i did it then, it just said awaiting challenge... and counted up forever. So I'm guessing that when I can't see it, it seems impossible to connect. Lets just hope that i will keep seeing it now!

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