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Apr 21 2019 Anchor

Hi all!

First of all I'd like to apologize if this thread doesn't belong in the Wop Editing subforum, I will move it to general if need be.
After lots of work, I've finally managed to get the PadMod to work in actual WoP Standalone. The download I am about to share with you all also features a fresh install of WoP 1.2 version, though the mod should also work for 1.6 as well.

What this mod features:
1. All of the original default padmod maps
2. Older versions of the maps from the WoP 1.2 PadPack
3. The full collection of PadMaps with all q3 textures included
4. All of the old PadMan skins/models
5. Old weapon skins, including recreations of concept art for the Imperius and Spray Pistol
6. Old Dieselkopf songs from the PadMod and the "das boerge" music pack
7. Working health pickups in Q3 maps
8. Features from 1.6 (Instapad and Capture the Lolly gametypes, balance changes such as Imperius max ammo set to 2 and nerfed Boaster and PadPower)
9. The Grappling Hook weapon
10. Climber powerup (Doesn't actually work, only spawns in some padmaps)
11. Faster weapon switching (No need to wait for weapons like pumper or splasher to reload before being able to switch to another one)
12. WoP 1.2 as a bonus

Advantages of this mod over vanilla PadMod for Q3:
1. The game overall looks better while retaining all of PadMod's features and then some
2. Features from 1.6
3. Working health pickups and textures for Q3 maps
4. Should also be compatible with the 1.6 version of WoP

Known bugs:
1. The Injector's trail when firing is just missing textures, despite having the textures in the directory
2. Some of the menus are out of position but still function properly
3. The JK2 PadMaps (PadTemple, PadReactor, PadStation, PadHall and PadHangar) don't launch, since they are made for a different version of the ioquake engine. I will try to somehow convert and/or import them to WoP, but I cannot make any promises.

Other notes:
-Keep in mind this mod doesn't work in multiplayer, as there are no 1.6 servers currently that run it. If you choose to run the mod in 1.2, the master server of 1.2 is down so you can only play this mod in Singleplayer. To do so, simply click on "Single" in the main menu and choose your map.
-In order to play in the Tournament or Singleplayer gametypes, you need to go into the console (~ or shift+esc) and type in "g_gametype 2" for singleplayer or "g_gametype 1" for tournament and restart the current map you're playing.

Simply extract the .rar file anywhere, launch wop.exe, go to mods and choose the padmod option. Windows only.

UPDATE: Fixed the piratepad sound and changed the Injector texture to the blue one from the WoP 1.5 beta leak.

Download link: <Archived elsewhere>

Have fun storming the PadWorld!

Edited by: xLapisLazulix

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