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Jan 10 2019 Anchor

I have noticed that in the Pad day thread and maybe others, there is currently a big problem with posting new messages. I wondered why my last post looked so cluttered on that thread. It is because every time i post a reply, it just edits my previous post and adds it to that. I believe I have posted 2 posts without realising this and today just wrote something else and included 10 screenshots of the pad day. I posted it and it just was in my previous post. I have tried on 2 different browsers and logged in and out. I later checked again by simply clicking reply at the bottom of the forum page the box was empty, i typed "test message" then posted it. And it again just added to my previous post. Just to confirm, I wrote test message again and the issue was the same.

Very strange issue. But I currently am unable to make a new post there and I have some really good screenshots of the pad day.

Jan 11 2019 Anchor

Hi Ben. I think this is a wanted feature to prevent users from double posting all the time. You need someone to post in between for new reply, so you can test it here now. ;)

Regarding your screen shots, I suggest to upload it to the community group images section. There must be a small + sign, where you can add media. If you cannot find it, try this direct link. When pictures are uploaded, everyone who is watching the group gets an information in the message center. Additionally you can simply embed the pictures here in the forum via the embed code next to each picture.

You should have the right to add images there because you are a group member. If it is not working, I messed up something with the group rights. ;)

I would also like to see Adri_HuN adding her videos here in the video section of the group. I already added her first 11 Padday videos. It is possible just by entering the youtube url. Looking forward

BTW this is another posting which is now added to my first to prevent double posting.

Jan 11 2019 Anchor

I have managed to upload them here. But it said 400 Bad Gateway or something on the first 3 attempts of posting. It finally got there though.

I personally am not that keen on this feature to prevent another post. If you for example want to refer back to a specific pad day months later and you happened to be the last to post, you are stuck. But the odd thing is, it still lets you edit it, so effectively, you are still posting. But others won't see that there is another post on that thread so probably won't look. And I assume that is why I didn't get any answers or replies in the pad day thread because it only edited my post, not posting a new one. I'm just trying to get this forum active by posting quite a bit. I feel this could do with improving. Something to stop double posting (such as accidentally posting the same thing twice) makes scene. But not allowing 2 posts by the same user even if it is a long time apart seems a bit limiting. 24 hours would maybe be understandable though.

If it isn't possible to get away around this, then it would still be better for it to tell you that you were the last to post and it doesn't let you edit your previous either.

Jan 11 2019 Anchor

I totally understand you Ben_the_PadKing. I also don't like this feature, because no one is informed that you edited the posting. New informatin is burried the somehow. The problem is, that I cannot change it. I think wee need to livr with it somehow.

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