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Mar 3 2019 Anchor


Today was another PADday, first time on official WoP server and I have some question about it. Could be please pointlimit raised for gamemodes like FFAT, SYCT? Every round of these gamemodes was done in 2-3 minutes. 10 minutes for a match is enought, but pointlimit should be raised. Another question, can be there some rounds with insta pad like colorstage ctl or some gamemodes like LPS? All guns are great but everyone want to play some insta pad rounds too. I think its not possible to preset it now and its need to be changed by server owner. Everything other was great, nice comunnity meeting and i cannot wait for another PADday, see you there, MamincinMazanek.

Mar 4 2019 Anchor

I remember what most server admins in the past went for for time limit and point limits. But I would make adjustments for them as follows I think.

time limit 20 for all other than lps. (being 10)


CTl: 10

TSYC: 400

TFFA: 80

BB: 400

FFA: 50

SYC: 300

LPS (lives) 8

As Mamincin_mazanek said, the current time limit would be enough if point limits got increased a bit, but I just feel that even rounds that hit the time limit are a bit short. They always feel rushed. They are a lot more memorable if you have a good long round, especially as a team game. We had very evenly matched teams yesterday most of the time so if not for that, the games could have been over even faster.

If the time limit needs to be kept at 10, I would reduce TSYC and BB to 300. TFFA can be over so quickly that this pointlimit should be ok left at 80.

I also agree with Mamincin_mazanek about insta. Maybe 2 out of the 7 game types should be an insta match, then the next 7 gametypes, chose a different 2 to be insta, eventually getting all of them with it at some point. That would be great.

Mar 4 2019 Anchor

Hi :)

English (by google translator):

I was also surprised how fast some matches were over. Simply reducing the point limits to the same extent as the time limits does not seem to work. I also think that needs to be improved. Let's wait and see if there are any other opinions.

The Padday is intended, among other things, to introduce new players to the game. That means: showing as far as possible all maps (hence the short time limits) and all gametypes. Insta is not a gametype but a mod and therefore does not reflect the actual game! On the contrary: Insta will take many typical features of the game, so new players might get the wrong impression. I think Insta is simple enough to understand it without Padday within seconds. In addition, this mod is also known from many other shooters and requires no presentation.


Ich war selber sehr überrascht wie schnell manche Runden vorbei waren. Einfach nur die Timelimits an die Pointlimits anzupassen war wohl nicht genug. Das muss noch daran geschraubt werden. Mal abwarten ob noch andere was dazu schreiben.

Der Padday war unter anderem dazu gedacht, neuen Spielern das Spiel näher zu bringen. Das original Spiel! Soll heißen: So gut wie alle Maps (deshalb das geringe Zeitlimit) und alle Gametypes. Insta ist kein Gametype sondern eine Mod und spiegelt deshalb nicht das eigentliche Spiel wider. Im Gegenteil: Insta beraubt WoP um wichtige Features, wodurch neue Spieler evtl. einen falschen Eindruck vom Spiel bekommen könnten. Ich denke Insta ist simpel genug um es auch ohne Padday binnen Sekunden zu verstehen. Auch gibt es InstaGib für viele andere Shooter als Mod und bedarf keiner besonderen Präsentation mehr.


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Play more Spray your Color!

Mar 5 2019 Anchor

Hi, I think that what wrote Ben is good. More tickets must be there next time but maybe time can be only 15 minutes, round will be done earlier anyway. And like said Hectic, WoP is about all guns, not about insta pad, but it give players another view about game. Tickets must be incresead, but insta pad is not needed.

Mar 13 2019 Anchor

Hi all. I really enjoyed the last Padday even though some matches were really short. When I remember the good old days, when the game was more popular and Paddays were hold every Sunday, we had nearly the same preferences like on the PadWorld server nowadays. People were complaining about too long matches especially in LPS back in the days. OK, even though the point limit is not suitable for SYC and BB game types, the time limit should not be extend to more than 10 minutes to keep us playing most of the maps and game types within the limited time span of one evening. In my point of view only the point limit needs adjustment and you will see, that an average match of 10 minutes each gives us the possibility to see every map once within a play time of 4 hours.

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