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Weekly OMG Development Update 4 ---> It's Change Time!

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This weeks update has some updates on the mod and a few changes to it as well. I guess we'll start with the change. Due to the things that were unforeseen in the creation of the database, that had to be corrected this week we have to change our beta release date. The new date is Dec 1st. That is of course a tentative date, but we will work very hard to hit that date.

Now..on with the news!

Gary has been working hard this week to get the Company Manager done. I am pleased to announce that the Company Manager is done, the last thing we are working on is the Battle Room. The battle room is not going to be as fancy as it was in EiR at first...but it will serve its purpose. There are a few changes from EiR's battle lobby in that a game creator will be able to password the game and he will also be able to kick players out of the game if need be. Gary we spending time today testing a few things out. Over the next few days Gary and I will get together with Cozmo and get the Battlefiles script done. By the end of the weekend people should be able to get on and create companies...and when the battlefiles are done you will be able to start playing games with OMG!!

The Alpha is going to work like this. The first couple of days the Alpha will be tested by only a few members of the community outside of the dev team. The purpose of this is to get the major bugs out of it before we open it to others. After those first few days, we will open up the Alpha to about 20 more members of the community to test it further. The members that will be asked to join in on the Alpha testing will be those that are regular Vent users.

After the CM is tested and is working well we will begin to roll out the other things OMG will offer.

If you haven't looked at them, the mapping team has been working hard on the maps and I believe there are a few new ones to look at now. Its exciting to know that even before the mod is released we will have quite a few maps complete.

I know this isn't a huge update, and for that I am sorry. Its been a hectic week, a tiring week, and we look forward to getting this CM out very very soon!

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