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Apr 28 2009 Anchor

some of the bands i listen to dont release their lyrics,and it's killing me,i mean i really want to what the hell i'm listening to,the bands i'm talking about r Gorgoroth and Anall Nathrakh.well in Gorgoroth's case Gahl is a nordic shaman or something and they believe when u write a word down it loses it's magical powers,in Anaal Nathrakh's case i'm clueless as to why they dont release their lyrics.but well i didnt really just sit down i tried a couple of things:i used some software,i used some filters to filter out everything except the vocals but due to obvious reaons it filtered out a great deal of the vocals too and it didnt filter all the nonvocal parts,the other problem is some of gorgoroth's lyrics r norwegian and about annal nathrakh well dave hunt's vocal style really makes it hard to understand what he is saying and in some parts there r even polylouges(i made the word up but i guess it's clear enough)like in lama sabachthani in thier 2007 album.well,i'm open to suggestions.

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