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Apr 2 2009 Anchor

So, since all mecha fans have certain favorite mechs, lets have a thread chatting about favorite mechs. (please don't make this about how superman mk2 can beat higoku) The only constraint is that it has to be part of an existing cannon, frankenmechs never existed and often break the rules of their respective universe so we cannot see them in action.

For me the Alseides

Apr 2 2009 Anchor

For me the most often favorite is PMX-003 The O
PMX-003 The O


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I suck at drawing. T-T

Apr 2 2009 Anchor

Humorously enough, I didn't realize the genius of that suit until I realized it was fat with thrusters.

Apr 2 2009 Anchor

The Gouf Custom:

and the Gouf Ignited

They're the one in the same.

Apr 3 2009 Anchor

Yeah it does have a musai load of thrusters, the highest amount I think of any mecha, 64.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I suck at drawing. T-T

Apr 4 2009 Anchor

I still find the Zaku II (Custom) one of my favorites.

May 5 2009 Anchor

Another favorite of mine. Close to The O and Baund Doc.

And about the Zaku II Char Custom.
I always found it funny of the phrase. Its three times faster the a normal ZakuII(Even though they correct it later to 30%)
When I hear it I think
Normal ZakuII five second of travel

Char same time
--------------------------------------------------- (See ya!)

Oops forgot to say. It is the MSN-04II Nightingale

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