Updated 9/26/2013 Thank you everyone for my great growth from 30ish subs to 2200+ and now over 600k+ in views also. It has been almost 2yr since I decided to go into Let's Plays seriously(over 150hrs of gameplay now) This is just a basic outline of how the channel will hopefully evolve Current Let's Plays will get continued support Showcase video will be around 45min-1hr long and if enough votes/comments/views I will create them into future Let's Plays If you are a indie developer viewing this and you have a relationship with me or considering one, Thank You in advanced I am always looking to partner with a new game and get as many views as it deserves Feel free to share my name with anybody you think would like views from Indie focused community Feel free to PM both through here and on YouTube with any questions you may have Thanks SMP Team for letting me do a Let's Play on Towns it was the beginning of everything Christonian

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Where you get to find out where people are from Age, M/F, country or whatever you want to put