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Great news and plenty of updates during these last months.

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- A new fan game/mod titled 'Soul Revenant' is currently being developed by Jake Pawloski. It will be a modifier for Soul Reaver (just as Blood Omnicide is for Blood Omen), greatly enhanching it's graphics with the use of SR2 shaders and lighting; and making places like Turel's territory available. You will require legal copies of SR1 and SR2, which are obtainable on gog.com
Article link: Soul Revenant (where a few screens are available)
LostChronicle also made their own section of the game.
- Daniel Cabuco, who worked on the Legacy of Kain series, made up a new site and opened a section for Legacy of Kain-related questions within his forums. He also revealed Umah and Vorador's roles in Defiance.
- Raina Audron uploaded a TexMod pack for Defiance (you might be familiar with it from the Tomb Raider outfit moddings). Download it here.
- An OCG game of Legacy of Kain made by Jake Pawloski and Raina Audron was posted on June 17. You can see the article here.
- Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance were posted on gog.com with plenty of fixes.
- Legacy of Kain wikia now updated a page on a potential 'sixth game' with all information required. You can check it out here.

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