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That is one of the most asked Question by our parents. It has a little to do with history because it involves Religion(old to New). But since this whole site is about Gaming so why not debate on Gaming and History.

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Parents claim that video games makes us violent let me say something people used to kill in 1850 too and there were no computers that time.

just Human Nature.

When you are ready to Kill you will kill. it has nothing to do with Gaming but mental disorder or long time abuse or lust for revenge.

But not be too relaxed there is a saying excess of Everything is bad And we all know there were crimes committed by Gamers too and the way they show in Games.

here is a nice Documentary by RT showing both good and dark side of Gaming.

Yes there also can be dark and horror side of Gaming so A Child can learn very effectively if you give him positive Things he gets it quickly and if negative he will ruin himself So there is a Good logic Behind The Age PEGI type of thing which is marked on every Game.

Human nature it always find someone to ask for help does not matter if it is God or Science.
It is in our Nature to worship maybe that is what makes us human.
We see Muslims,Christians,Jews,Buddhist,Hindus etc all worship.
Even those who hate religions seems to like and Worship Satan.

First people used to worship fire then star and sun and so on. now a days people worship Machines.( you may not know it but it is happening)

it is just Human Nature.


NO of course they can't! At least not any more than reading a violent book or comic or watching a violent show, movie, play would make you violent.

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Emp_Raja Author

No they cant violence is inside humans its been there since the start.

But Excess of everything is bad A healthy activity is take rest after some time.
And a kid under 10 picks up everything too quickly so for little Child it is something not good if overtime. But thats what the 18+ or 16+ tag is for.

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I hold a neutral attitude toward this.

We don't think that most of video games make us violent.Actually it's a proposition.Violence is just humans' instinct to protect ourself.But if we're seriously taking about this question,we can find something interesting.

For example,GTA allows us to do crimes in a vitural world.If someone wants to let off to the society,that's obviously dangerous.However,if they can let off in a vitural world instead of the real world,that's really good to reduce crime rate.

However,some games do make us feel uncomfortable.Postal,Hatred,those,unlike GTA,they just simply let us to kill and get pleasure from it.Only reading their description can we fell uncomfortable-We can imagine how bad can it be to our mind if we get addicted to playing them.

That's my opinion.Still that saying,i don't think all of Video Games make us vliolent.But some actually did.

Sorry for my bad English. :3

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