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Here is a tutorial on how increase your Killing Floor Mod player groundspeed and jumping height.

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Ever wanted to do a hyper speed run on your Killing Floor mod games? Or jump super high? Then you can do either of the two - LOG IN as an admin and type in the right codes OR EDIT your KFMod.u file to get a permanent ultra fast GROUNDSPEED and JUMPZ modes.

The first one is to use the CONSOLE (by pressing tilde "~") and typing the following CODES:

adminlogin (your password)

Then type in the following CODES (I suggest you use 4000 for hyper speed):

admin set kfhumanpawn groundspeed (amount)

Then type the following for HIGHER JUMP (I suggest you use 950 about building height):

admin set kfhumanpawn jumpz (amount)

OR, you can make a PERMANENT CHANGE to your KFMod.u file. (IMPORTANT: Make a BACKUP COPY of your KFMod.u file)
1. DECOMPILE your KFMod.u file by using the UCC COMMAND. Go to START on your Windows, then RUN. Type in CMD and you'll get your CONSOLE dialog box.
2. Type the CODE to go to C:\Program Files\Unreal Tournament 2004\System folder:

cd c:\program files\unreal tournament 2004\system

NOTE: If the Unreal Tournament 2004 folder isn't on the regular (default) directory (viz., see no. 2 above), and the game folder is installed in another directory (like G:\), then just type the following:

cd g:\

And then type the following CODE:

cd program files\unreal tournament 2004\system

3. Type in the following CODE:

ucc batchexport KFMod class uc ..\KFMod\Classes

4. Then you'll get your KFMod FOLDER. DELETE the KFMod.u file. Open the KFMod\Classes\KFHumanPawn.uc file using your notepad or WOTgreal editing tool. (NOTE: Click on WOTgreal to download the tool).
5. Scroll down to line 220 where you'll see:

Someone wrote:

SpeedAdjustment = ((default.GroundSpeed * BaseMeleeIncrease) - (KFWeapon(Weapon).Weight * 2));

6. Type "//" in FRONT of it. You should get:

Someone wrote:

//SpeedAdjustment = ((default.GroundSpeed * BaseMeleeIncrease) - (KFWeapon(Weapon).Weight * 2));

7. Then replace that with (TYPE CODE below right under it):

SpeedAdjustment = (Groundspeed);

8. Do the same to line 255. Type "//" in front of that line, and you'll come up with:

Someone wrote:

//groundspeed = ((FMax(140,Health*2)) - (2 * CurrentWeight) + SpeedAdjustment)*GetVeteran().Static.GetMovementSpeedModifier();

9. TYPE the CODE below right under it:

groundspeed = 4000;

10. And lastly, go to line 582 close to the bottom, and add "//" to the front of it to give you:

Someone wrote:


11. Replace that line with CODE below (just right under it):


12. Also line 587:

Someone wrote:


13. Replace with:


14. Finally, COMPILE your KFMod folder to change it back to KFMod.u file by typing the CODE below in your CONSOLE dialog box.

ucc make KFMod -mod=KFMod20

Or, if you are using another directory (like KFMod253), then use the code below:

ucc make KFMod -mod=KFMod253

NOTE: After you compile the KFMod, you will have to get the KFMod.u file from your Program Files\Unreal Tournament 2004\System folder and copy/paste it to your KFMod253\System folder.

And that should do it. ONE LAST THING - make sure that your newly compiled KFMod.u file IS IN YOUR SYSTEM FOLDER!


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poompoom500 Author

To Guest,

Awfully sorry for the very late response, but the answer is yes. You can modify your KFPlayerController.uc file (decompressed from Kfmod.u) in the groundspeed value. I assume that you have decompressed the Kfmod.u file?

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