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Apr 16 2009 Anchor

I have some experience although I have never seen a mod through to the end unfortunatly. I will post more about my experience when I get a bit more time!

What's all of your experience?

Apr 19 2009 Anchor

Not very good, made the odd thing for morrowind and oblivion but nothing fancy and rarely finished.

Apr 19 2009 Anchor

I was thinking of perhaps starting a morrowind mod, is it hard to mod morrowind?

Apr 20 2009 Anchor

The things i did were easy enough, housing or landscape alterations use the construction set and for changing textures or editing the looks of things use nifskope and photoshop with nVidia dds plugin. I used a tutorial i found on the web to make a npc with dialogue but Oblivion came out before i ever made anything quest releated.

Apr 21 2009 Anchor

Well my experience so far is i started moding halo pc with simple projectile swaps and such then i try mapping for it but Tool and the export give me that many errors i got fed up i then moved on to source. I also tried unreal editor and now im going back a bit to world craft for quake 1.

Apr 25 2009 Anchor

I've worked on a few mods, some I have nearly seen through to the end, others are concepts that I think may have to be put on hold.
The first mod that I had started was called "Genetics". Got a fair amount of views, but after 16 months in development, the team fell apart..
I've been working on a concept for three years now called "Dark Ambience". But never got around to actually forming that game as I have
built an entire universe for it in my head, just trying to get it out on paper is a task in itself.

Last month I had worked with a team of three (including myself) in the XNA Ireland Challenge, and we won 2nd Place in the Schools Cup,
we will be featured in "CLICK" magazine next month. Look out for that ;) XD

I've been mapping for HL2 for four years, and have done some mapping on the Doom 3, and Unreal Engine 3 games. Hammer's been my favourite
editor so I've stuck with that. The thing that I found hardest out of working with and leading a mod is Deadlines and commitment.

So I suppose, the only advice I can give is:
When starting a mod, make sure you have a design document that explains EVERYTHING each specific member of the team has to do. But
also make sure to include the deadlines you wish to have each object of the game design done by. If a team member doesn't have a legitamate
reason for not having his work done, consider getting another member to the crew. However, if a team member has a legitamate reason, suggest
giving him/her a break from the mod.

So there ya have it, my experiences... xD
Arigato Gazimasu.

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