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Apr 16 2009 Anchor

I'm getting into Morrow wind mods lately, moving away somewhat from the cnc mods [just for a while!]. Any suggestions on good morrow wind mods?

Also post what ever mods interest you right now!

Apr 20 2009 Anchor

Npc replacer - makes the npc faces batter.
Visual pack - better graphics, not sure of the last version.
Balmora Expanded, Caldera Expanded and Vivec Expanded - City expansions and well worth it, Vivec has some issues though.
Suran underworld - I think it's called that, work for a vampire and eventually over throw him to gain your own underworld. Has good quests as well.
Giants Ultimate - Adds alot of new monsters, good ones to.
Better Boddies - Not pervey or anything but morrowind is rather dated.

Can't think of to many more.

I'm replaying Fallout 3 and trying the Fook mod and might add the Enclave commander mod soon if i have the time.

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Apr 20 2009 Anchor

Eternal Silence for Half Life 2. Some really good ideas in there pulled off extremely well.

Apr 20 2009 Anchor

Star Trek Enterprise : Temporal Cold War for Half-Life 2 and off course Stargate : The Enemy Within! for UT3 *Plug!* hehehe! :D

There are a few others but I just can't think of them atm! I'll edit when I remember! lol.

wraithlord77 Freespace2
May 25 2009 Anchor

Been looking for a Babylon5 game for years(I loved that show),and I found a MOD for Freespace2 :The Earth Brakiri War , it looks cool.
Check out their website



May 25 2009 Anchor

Thanks a million for the list of MW mods, really appreciated man!

Jun 18 2009 Anchor

Two more Babylon 5 mods (Not sure if complete or just partly) - Homeworld 2 - X3 Terran conflict

For Morrowind mods i found Tesnexus to be about the best, Canadian Ice & Howndog's Place is also very good as alot of people announce their mod releases there.
Just spotted this for Stargate mod for Morrowind (In French)

This is what i'm trying now (Installing games now)
Converts Oblivion to Morrowind, not sure if it will be anygood but sounds fun and there are a few mods made with it in mind.

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