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Apr 16 2009 Anchor

Mine are [in no particular order and missing a good few]:

Red alert 2
Might and Magic 7
Morrow wind
Black and white
Neverwinter Nights
Cross fire
Return to Castle wolfenstein
Thief [all of them]
I can't remember the rest but sure I'll post them later!

Apr 16 2009 Anchor

some of mine are:
Mirrors Edge
Metal gear solids
Half life's
elder scrolls obivation
Fallout 3
command and conquers
and some othes that i cant reambear.

Apr 16 2009 Anchor

I forgot Fable, love that game!

And how the hell did I forget the command and conquers! They got me into modding, been playing CnC for years, still love it. I need to try the new ones though, I havn't played any Cnc with the number 3 in the title yet!

Apr 19 2009 Anchor

Missing a few as well

Neverwinter nights, 1 more than 2
Call of duty 1,2 and 4
Warcraft (RTS not online)
Diablo 1 and 2
C&C - Haven't played the newer ones either
Total Annihilation
Republic commando

Edited by: downwithpeace

Apr 19 2009 Anchor

downwithpeace wrote:
Neverwinter nights, 1 more than 2

Extremely true

wraithlord77 Freespace2
Apr 21 2009 Anchor

Mostly RTS.

Total war (all but Empire, what a let down)
Dawn of war and the Dark Crusade expansion.
World in conflict
Company of heroes.
Star wars empire at war & the FOC expansion.
Battlefield 2142
Diablo only had 1
C&C red alert ,the only one I played
X2 the threat though I never finished it.



Apr 21 2009 Anchor

wraithlord77 wrote: X2 the threat

Forgot about X2, great game.

Apr 22 2009 Anchor

I've never had the chance to play it. I love pc's games though, you can pick up so many old classics for practically nothing nowadays.

wraithlord77 Freespace2
Apr 23 2009 Anchor

Dangerous Game lol ,I had to stop playing it ,just to big ,expansive . You could go hours / days off mission and it only draged you deeper into the game. and it only cost me a fiver in a sale.



Apr 23 2009 Anchor

I got mine very cheap as well, xtravision i think.
Lost months of my life to that game, didn't like the X3 revamped version as much.

Some great games out there if your willing to dig in the bargin bin.

Apr 24 2009 Anchor

X2, I'm definitely going to check it out!

Apr 29 2009 Anchor

It's a great space sim but make sure you have a joystick or you will find it very hard to control.

May 12 2009 Anchor

Guess I'll have to invest in one in that case!

wraithlord77 Freespace2
May 17 2009 Anchor

Anyone ever play FREESPACE2 , i came across a MOD for it(Babylon5:earth Back....Ba..nuts i forgot) ANYWAY
Is Freespace2 worth buying, It is 10 years old,About. or dose anyone know about a B5 MOD for any other game ?



Jun 14 2009 Anchor

Add mafia and Civilisation 3 to my list, damn good games.

Jun 16 2009 Anchor

Just a warning, avoid terminator salvation the game by all means possible.

Jun 17 2009 Anchor

I will, I'm avoiding the movie also, is that a wise move do you think?

Jun 17 2009 Anchor

I haven't seen it, looks good though.

Jun 18 2009 Anchor

I have been in 2 minds on checking it out, Seeing as Arnie isn't in it at all I feel a bit wary.

Jun 19 2009 Anchor

Go for it, might be impressed.
There is another new Terminator movies called The Terminators but i don't know anything bar the name and the imdb link.

Jun 19 2009 Anchor

Never even heard mention of it before!

Jun 23 2009 Anchor

Out of the blue i was given prototype for pc, fun game. Without a doubt a console port but still great fun gliding around New York and knocking helicopters out of the sky or using one of your powers to dismember and take the form of one of the locals/soldiers.
Reminds me alot of Assassins Creed, even the main character is stuck with a hood on and the once you devour a person that has a memory - Leaving out due to spoiler - cutscenes have that foggy/blurry edging to them.
Some of the fights are very hard, been attacked by mutants, tanks, helicopters and soldiers all at the same time can be tricky but if you keep you discuss the soldiers will ignore you and attack the mutants.

Edited by: downwithpeace

Jun 23 2009 Anchor

I liked assasins creed so I would love to see another version of it but done better with more interesting thing to happen.

Jun 23 2009 Anchor

Something along the lines of this:
Just noticed this version, if you well off lol

Edited by: downwithpeace

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